SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

We find out who Prometheus is (maybe?) and watch Oliver make a devastating mistake. We also see a familiar face. The recap is below!

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The Flashback

We flashback four years prior to the early days of Oliver being the Hood and targeting the people on his father’s list. Specifically about Justin Claybourne who jacked up prices for Dycloserol, a drug that fights tuberculosis. Oliver attacks Claybourne giving him about 12 hours to make things right. Oliver does some more digging and finds out Claybourne created weaponized tuberculosis. He plans to kill him but Diggle warns him that his actions might lead to unintended consequences.

Oliver goes to Felicity who’s working in IT at Queens Consolidated with one of his stories trying to get her to help him get some info. Oliver ends up killing Claybourne with an arrow to the heart.

A traitorous move

Evelyn brings Prometheus intel on Oliver and everyone he cares about telling him that she wants to watch Oliver die. He tells her that he’s not going to kill Oliver, just make him wish he was dead.

Thea has put together a holiday party for Oliver and is surprised when Susan shows up as his date. Felicity is there with Billy and awkwardly introduces him to Curtis, his husband and Oliver. Paul is pissed after Felicity accidentally spills the beans that they don’t work together anymore. As they’re leaving they’re confronted by Prometheus who ends up getting the upper hand and throws a throwing star dagger into Curtis chest.

Curtis wakes up in the hospital with questions from Paul about his new found fighting skills. Oliver and Felicity show up and he tells Oliver Prometheus only attacked him and Oliver realizes Prometheus knows who they are.  Oliver tells Felicity that the doctors found Dycloserol in his system.

They return to the base to update the team about the connection between the Dycloserol Prometheus used and how it ties to the Hood. Oliver thinks Claybourne may be Prometheus and they head to the old Claybourne manufacturing plant. They get there but when Oliver goes to check an unlocked door Prometheus unlocks it for him. A phone starts ringing and lights flicker drawing him in before the door closes behind him. Prometheus is there and is they face off after a super cool show of one of the throwing stars slicing Oliver’s arrow in half.

Rene and Evelyn get there but Evelyn shows her true colors shooting down Rene’s gun. They set off an explosion and disappear. They return to the cave and start making plans for their loved ones. Paul confronts Curtis about what’s really going on and he tells him the truth. Paul is over it because he’s been lying to him for months and tells him he needs to choose: be a vigilante or be his husband.

Rory and Rene get the sequencer working that the confiscated from the Claybourne plant. Felicity analyzes the ashes they recovered confirming that Justin Claybourne is indeed dead. Billy ass goes to the Claybourne plant anyway and finds a baby picture. He’s able to text an image of it to Felicity before being snatched up by Prometheus.

arrow stephen amell david ramsey 509
Prometheus revenge

Oliver finds out from Adrian that Billy has been abducted by Prometheus and there’s a possibility that he might be dead. Adrian wants Oliver to give the go for a shoot to kill order on Prometheus and he gives the go ahead telling him to pull in as many cops as possible.

Felicity runs facial recognition on the baby photo and finds out that Claybourne had a son with his ex wife who should be about 30 by now. They come to the conclusion that Prometheus is Claybourne’s son looking for revenge. Oliver tells Diggle and Felicity that he believes he may have been taught by the same person who taught him after seeing Prometheus perform a specific move.

Oliver breaks the news about Billy and Thea decides she needs to suit up because they’ll need all hands on deck. Oliver remembers something about 1852 and tells Thea he thinks he knows where Prometheus is before leaving on his own. Oliver finds a trail of bodies much like what he left in his pursuit to kill Claybourne. He finds Prometheus on the roof exactly where he killed his father.

Prometheus tells him this is much more than revenge before they face off. He tells him he’s not a hero but a killer and that he’s been studying him for four years. He taunts that it’ll be easy to turn everyone against him just like Evelyn. He walks out and Oliver puts three arrows through his chest. Oliver sees the speaker on his chest and realizes it’s not Prometheus. He removes the mask to reveal Billy and Prometheus tells him that everything he touches dies.

Oliver returns and tells them what happened. Oliver tells them that Prometheus is trying to prove that everyone close to him dies and he believes he’s right. He tells them that they should get as far away from him as they can. Diggle tells him they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be and they all come in to show their support.

Curtis returns home to Paul with a packed bag leaving telling him that he’s not going to be the guy to take him away from doing something he loves but he can’t live everyday wondering if it’ll be the last time he sees him. Diggle gets a call from Lyla panicking about J.J. and something happening at the safe house. He gets there and finds out it’s a trap and he’s taken into custody. After stopping by Susan’s house Oliver returns to HQ to find Laurel.

Some takeaways…

  • Can we just comment on the super sweet team holiday dinner at the begging? We’re just going to ignore that Evelyn is a backstabbing brat.
  • Can you really say everything someone touches dies if you send a decoy dressed as you into their path who’s mouth is taped out?
  • I was about to say how much I really like Diggle’s relationship with the newbies but then they had to go and pull that bust at the end.
  • I feel bad for Felicity but I feel like we didn’t really see that much between her and Billy so it’s not a loss for me. Also, I was pretty sure that wasn’t going to last long anyway.
  • Laurel is back… or some version of Laurel (Black Siren is that you?) who I’m pretty sure is going to cause a bunch of chaos. I mean, I wouldn’t trust her just yet. I’m secretly blaming this on Barry because I’m pretty sure it’s his fault in some way.

I mean, at least we didn’t end with a fake death. What did you think about about the mid-season finale? Let me know below and on Twitter!

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