SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

It’s the 100th episode of Arrow and we’re in the middle of a four show crossover! You may now freak out. Recap below!

The Flash Rewind

We’re just going to pretend the crossover kicked off officially during The Flash. Aliens show up in Central City and after realizing this is a bigger task than Barry can handle he calls in some help from all of the friends. Supergirl, Green Arrow, Spartan, Speedy, the Legends, The Flash and his crew come together to try to take down the Dominators. During training they find out that Barry altered the timeline once again messing up some of our Arrow folk’s lives (farewell baby Sara). The team splits and goes after the Dominators who’ve taken the president leaving Barry and Oliver behind. They end up being mind controlled and return to Star Labs where they turn again Barry and Oliver. After some cool fight scenes The Flash is able to use Supergirl’s anger to destroy the device controlling they’re minds. Before they can full celebrate beams fall on Oliver, Diggle, Thea, Sara and Ray and they disappear.

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Where’s Oliver and co?

Oliver is in some type of false reality with Diggle, Thea, Sara and Ray where Laurel is still alive, they’re engaged and his parents are alive. Small instances start to make them realize they’re “reality” isn’t real. Oliver does a little investigating on his own leading him to the Arrow cave where he finds Felicity and Diggle who’s the Green Arrow. After Diggle snatches him up Oliver remembers his name and soon after remembers Felicity.

On his wedding day Oliver is freaking out because he’s afraid he’s going to give up everything and wants to marry Laurel immediately. They’re interrupted by Diggle who pulls him aside and tells him he’s been experiencing memory flashes that’s been throwing everything off. They realize someone is playing head games with them and will push back at whatever they try to do.

They look up and hey, it’s Slade Wilson. It’s two against one and they’re losing before Sara shows up to save the day. They share their hypothesis about being in a shared hallucination. Sara remembers the fight they were in and they go grab Thea and Ray and figure out a way to get out.

Thea isn’t too keen on leaving because she actually enjoys this reality. She tells them she can’t lose her parents again and he wishes her well telling her he loves her and wants her to be happy. They rest of them come face to face with faux enemies of the past (Malcolm, Slade and Darhk) just as Thea rejoins telling them that she’s not staying behind. They take them down, give faux Laurel and teary good by and go to Smoak Technologies where they find a wall of smoke that looks like their way out. They wake up and see that they are in the middle of space.

arrow stephen amell katie cassidy invasion 508
While Ollie’s away

Meanwhile, Felicity and Cisco gather up the recruits to try to find out where Oliver and co went. Cisco vibes and sees them on a ship in a stasis state. Felicity believes they should hack into the Dominator’s tech using a piece Cisco stole from one of their crashed ships. Curtis attempts to make a device but it malfunctions because it’s human tech. They need a regulator so Felicity call in some help from The Flash and Supergirl and Rene is over it.

Barry tries to work out his issues and he tells them that superpowers are evil and they’re the reasons they have metahumans and aliens; he wants none of that. He says all of this before being blasted by Cyber Woman He’s about to be blasted again when Barry and Kara step in and save him. After taking her down Rene actually thanks them and appreciates that there are good people with powers.

Felicity gets coordinates and figures out that they are. Oliver and co try to find a way off the ship but they’re surrounded by Dominators. They find mini ships and board one ejecting themselves from the ship and sending them back to Earth. They’re pursued by tons of Dominators trying to shoot them out of the skiy. They’re saved by the Wave Rider where they find Nate who tells them the team sent him. Ray tells them that he believes the Dominators were trying to get intel from them because they’re working on some type of weapon. Of course, this will be continued on Legends of Tomorrow.

Some takeaways…

Can I just take this moment to freak the freak out?? If you listen to the podcast then you know how pumped I’ve been for this crossover. As I said in the intro, we’re just going to ignore the Supergirl episode as it relates to this year’s crossover because it was their midseason finale and all that good stuff.

I just love seeing them all together. It was smart to have to the newer members relegated to their own shows because outside of our main crew who have been traveling show to show, once you start adding everyone in it gets crazy pretty quick.

I have really been enjoying this years crossover. It’s nice to see everyone come together because everyone’s chemistry just works. I also like that we have this outside story that won’t too much mess up the main story arks of their respective seasons.

Did you enjoy the 100th episode of Arrow and the annual crossover action? Let me know below and on Twitter!

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