SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

A new vigilante is trying to clean up the city while Oliver and crew try to stop him. Things get messy in the recap below!

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The Flashback

Kovar makes Oliver share a meal with him to give him a “break” from being questioned and tortured. Oliver has been there for a week and hasn’t broken once. He finds out that Kovar’s maid is Taiana’s mother. Kovar tells him that Bratva had him kill the guy in jail so they could take over his business.  Oliver stabs him in the hand with a knife and holds him a knife point. Cover tells his men to back down while Oliver takes their guns. Oliver gets as far as the hall before Kovar is able to gain the upper hand and turn the gun back on him. Kovar is about to beat his ass when the Bratva guy walks in proving that Kovar had been right all along.

A new vigilante

Two criminals have been found dead outside the SCPD and Felicity believes it’s the work of a new vigilante. Oliver doesn’t believe they can afford to have another psycho running around the city.

After shutting Susan down from asking questions, Oliver confides to her that he doesn’t know if he’s doing enough for the city. She pretty much demands he meet her for drinks that night because he needs a friend. After blacking out, Quentin gives Thea his resignation and she goes to his house. He tells her about his blackouts and shows her Prometheus weapon. Quentin believes the Star City Killer is after him and he shouldn’t be near her or Oliver. Thea drives him to a rehab facility and tells him his position as Deputy Mayor will be waiting for him when he gets back.

The team gets an alert about a robbery in progress but when they get there they’re everyone is gone except for one injured guy who tells them a vigilante did it before dying. They find out the group is being ran by a frequent robber Eric Dunn. Curtis, Rene and Diggle go to the gun shop to question the owner about who he sold the weapon the vigilante uses. Evelyn and Rory question one of Dunn’s men who tells them how he operates.

The team gets to the robbery as Vigilante is trying to take out Dunn and his team. Oliver tells Vigilante he’s out of control but he tells him that they’re either with him or against him. Oliver says they’re against him and he tells him he’s a dead man.

arrow stephen amell 507 vigilante
It takes a robber

Oliver tells Felicity and Diggle that vigilantes are springing up because they haven’t done enough. Adrian questions the female on Dunn’s team and is able to get a location. Oliver pays him a visit and Dunn tells him that the first time he was arrested they had the wrong guy. They’re interrupted by Vigilante firing into the window.

Oliver meets Susan for a drink where he confide in her some more and she tells him not to be so hard on himself. Diggle calls and tells him that they have a plan to draw out Vigilante by robbing a bank. Things turn when Vigilante shows up and takes Curtis hostage telling Oliver to have everyone leave or he’ll start killing them. He tells them to leave and Vigilante tells him he wants clearance to operate freely. Vigilante tells him he’s not getting the job done because he doesn’t take it seriously. He tells him that he hasn’t lost enough people and needs a push and that kicks Oliver into gear. Oliver gets the upper hand and straps him to the pillar. As he’s about to unmask him an explosion goes off and Vigilante escapes.

Thea tells Oliver about Quentin and that he’s being targeted by Prometheus. Oliver realizes that Prometheus must know he’s the Green Arrow. Come to find out, Evelyn is working under cover with Prometheus.

Some takeaways…

  • I knew there was a reason why I couldn’t quite get with Evelyn. It’s also interesting that no one realizes she’s playing them. Also, if Evelyn has been working with Prometheus all this time wouldn’t he had known Oliver was Green Arrow before Church told him? Something to think about.
  • I’m glad they wrapped up the bizarre “is Quentin Prometheus?” thing. It just didn’t make sense and came out of no where. It makes more sense that Prometheus would be targeting him because of his connection to Oliver.
  • Can we just stop and talk about how much Thea has grown? She is on her grown woman business and I am loving every minute of it. While I love to see her running around kicking bad guy’s asses I also love to see her getting ish done. I also really like her and Quentin’s relationship. He kind of doesn’t have a daughter right now (Laurel is gone and Sara is off kicking but throughout history) and he needs someone to hold him accountable.
  • Is anyone else still upset that Diggle’s daughter is now a boy and we’re just supposed to accept it? Just me? Mkay. Thanks Barry.

Did you really think they’d reveal Vigilante’s identity to Oliver? Let me know below and on Twitter!

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