SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

Prometheus is after Oliver and he’s not leaving anything to chance. No one is safe and the team works to stop him before he kills more innocent residents. Read my recap below!

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The Flashback

Anatoly is teaching Oliver about bombs when they’re attacked by Kovar’s men with a message declaring war against Bratva. Oliver is pissed because he thought going Bratva would get him close to Kovar. He’s told he’s to play a rich American playboy to get close to Kovar’s men in his casino and blow it up. They get in but Oliver ends up being knocked out from behind. When he wakes he’s face to face with Kovar.

Fiery Beginnings

Prometheus is baiting Oliver with Church’s phone and leads him and Diggle to a fiery message, “So it begins”. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity agree to keep the recruits out of it until the figure out exactly what’s going on. Prometheus murders a mother of two children in cold blood. At the crime scene the Green Arrow tells chase about Prometheus but they’re interrupted with a call about another murder.

Diggle suggests Felicity get her hands on one of the murder weapons by using her relationship with her detective boyfriend. She ends up swiping the weapon from his desk and runs test on it. The media, thanks to Susan, has coined Prometheus as the Throwing Star Killer. He’s been spotted at a mall and Oliver believes it’s time to bring in the entire team. The tram tries to help keep the peace and get people to safety telling everyone them to go home because clearly the Throwing Star Killer isn’t there.

Back at HQ Oliver tells the surprised recruits about Prometheus while Diggle tells them they had to vet the situation. After comparing the victims, Felicity and Curtis figure out that Prometheus is spelling names. Oliver realizes the names are from his father’s notebook, his kill list. Rory tells them Prometheus is sending a message that Oliver is a serial killer.

The city is in a panic, Oliver isn’t answering his phone and Thea can’t find Quentin. She finds a a bottle of alcohol in his desk and goes to hi house where she finds out he’s been drinking the entire time. She tells him the she’s not abandoning him and that she’s taking him to an AA meeting.

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Train Bombs & Music

The recruits have a secret meeting of their own to vent about Oliver’s kill list and the fact that he’s not telling them anything. Evelyn isn’t sure she can follow behind him with doubt in the back of her mind. Diggle talks to Oliver ensuring him that he has changed since he first became and his current kills are justified. Felicity narrows it down to six possible victims and Oliver has the team split up.

Evelyn ends up face to face with Prometheus who doesn’t take it easy on her. She doesn’t call for back up but Oliver pinpoints her location and goes there saving Evelyn and the possible victim. Prometheus disappears but they realize he left a bomb behind. They escape via Oliver’s parachute before the train blows up.

Felicity comes to the decision to tell Billy she works for the Green Arrow. At first he doesn’t seem to take it easily pretty much telling her she’s a criminal. He relents and tells her that he’s fine with it because she’s saving the city.

Thea is able to pull off the Star City music festival and the recruits enjoy the night off but Felicity tells Oliver that she believes Prometheus has been melting down the arrows he previously used as weapons. They realize the whoever he is has access to police evidence and has to be a member of the SCPD. We end with Quentin waking from a possible alcohol coma with scratches on his arm and one of the star weapons.

A few takeaways…

  • Sooooooo are they saying Quentin is Prometheus? If that’s the case I have some issues with this. Better yet, they have a lot of explaining to do because at this moment I’m not buying it.
  • Can we get more recruit only scenes. I was like the one we got and I feel like this helps us see more of their personalities. Shoutout to Curtis with the awkward comic relief.
  • Kudos to the writers for really powering through this season so far and not dragging things out. I do have a slight issue with how Billy accepted Felicity’s news about working with Green Arrow. I thought he’d be pissed for a little bit longer. She did steal police evidence and contaminate it.

Is Quentin behind the Prometheus mask? Let me know below and on Twitter!

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