SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

Church is trying to take Oliver out for good, Diggle is back and Oliver finds out about Felicity’s boyfriend. It’s all in the recap below!

The Flashback

Oliver passes all of the tests for Bratva but one of the men on the “board” we’ll call it, doesn’t believe Oliver should be a Bratva man. During the celebration he sends guys to try to kill Oliver when he steps out into the alley but he’s saved by a man who happens to be the Human Target wearing another mask.

arrow 505 stephen amell human target
Fear not pain

Church has been torturing the shit out of Rene for over 20 hours but even at the brink of death he won’t turn on Oliver. He tells Rene that it’s the fear that will get him to break not the pain. Oliver and the team are going around the city shaking up some of Church’s lackies trying to find out his location. Diggle turns up to help the team find Rene but Oliver is optimistic.

Rory and Evelyn find a spot with fresh blood but no Rene. Felicity tracks a panel van that recently left that location and tells the location with Oliver. Church has Rene out in the woods digging his own grave and Rene asks him. why he came to Star City. He tells him it’s because of the water access; he’s working on the biggest drug consolidation and needs the Green Arrow out of the way. Oliver shows up just as things look even more dire for Rene. Church and his men leave and Oliver finds out that Rene told Church his identity.

Oliver lays out a protection plan for everyone around him and he ensures Diggle and Felicity that he’ll be fine since he has security. He asks Diggle to debrief Rene about what Church told him. Rene shows up to Diggle’s hideout but he insists he doesn’t remember anything but tells him to talk about the time he was tortured. Diggle shares what happened with his brother and Rene tells him about why he was dishonorably discharged.

arrow stephen amell 505 human target
Human Target

As mayor, Oliver is trying to get one of the councilman to reverse his vote on the new zoning he’s trying to pass. After he tells him that he won’t turn Oliver and Thea do some more digging and find out that he’s trying to protect an investment and doesn’t care about the people at all. While leaving the councilman’s office Church’s hitman attacks Oliver shooting him multiple times in the chest.

Quentin holds a press conference telling the people of Star City that Oliver is dead. Come to find out, Diggle’s guy the Human Target was posing as Oliver and he’s really alive. The Human Target gives Oliver some life and dating advice while also spilling the beans that Felicity has moved on. Diggle has Rene walking him through everything he saw and felt while being tortured and he remembers what Church told one of his men. They take this information to Oliver and they find out they have 20 minutes to round up the team and dismantle Church’s plan.

The team shows up at Church’s rendezvous point and jump right into action. Church gets loose and runs right into Oliver and they go blow for blow. Oliver gets Church down and before knocking him out for good he tells him that Prometheus is coming for him.

Oliver holds a press conference apologizing for faking his death and announcing that they were able to apprehend Church and the heads of multiple cities. He also announces that the ordinance for low income housing passed. While being driven to Iron Heights Church’s truck is stopped by Prometheus who kills him in cold blood even after he gives him Oliver’s name.

Some takeaways…

  • I don’t like this Susan reporter chick. She’s just so messy.
  • I’m glad Oliver knows about Felicity’s boyfriend, they talked about it and now they’re good. I’m also glad that they’re not together this season. Olicity fans may hate me but I like them better apart.
  • Diggle! Oh how I’m happy he’s back. The team needed that mentoring voice, besides Oliver, and I think he’s just the person to help get Rene in shape. I was like a giddy toddler when he suited up to go out with the team.
  • So everyone just knows the Green Arrow’s true identity huh? We’ve gotten small glimpses of Prometheus up to now but with Church completely out of the picture it looks like he’s about to rain down all types of hell. I’m actually kind of excited. We need a good villain and hopefully Prometheus is that.

Were you expecting an Oliver death fake-out? Are you glad that Diggle is back? Let me know below and on Twitter!

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