SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

Oliver is on a solo mission to break Diggle out of jail, Rory has seconds thoughts about being a part of the team and Church is causing havoc on the Anti-Crime Unit. It’s all in the recap below!

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The Flashback

Anatoly douses Oliver in alcohol so that he can act like a drunk and be arrested so that he can talk to a man who laundered money from Kovar. The man quickly realizes he’s Bratva and Oliver jabs him in the neck telling him that he’s going to tell him everything he wants to know. He threatens to kill his family if he doesn’t tell hi where Kovar is. He gives Oliver an IP address then Oliver snaps his neck killing him. Oliver tells Anatoly that the man didn’t deserve to die but he tells him that if he hadn’t killed him he would’ve warned Kovar. He tells him that he is now Bratva.

And then there were three

The team is in the field doing real life training, sans Ragman, but of course Wild Dog doesn’t listen. Curtis ends up getting his as kicked and Oliver takes the vigilante down with an arrow. Oliver is pissed at Wild Dog once again for not listening to orders and tells them that they’ll be taking a few days off.

Rory shows up after to tell Oliver he’s off the team because of what Felicity told him. He tells him she’s a constant reminder of what he lost and he’ll need to find another way to honor his father. Lyla shows up and reveals their plan to break Diggle out of jail to Felicity. She is totally against this and doesn’t want any parts of it since Diggle doesn’t want to be broken out.

Oliver gives a health related excuse to be explain why he’ll be out of the office so Quentin is in charge as deputy mayor. He works with Adrian to accompany the evidence Team Arrow pulled from one of Church’s man to the Anti-Crime Unit. While there Church sets off the bomb and he and his men descend to take the weapons and blow up the place. Quentin and Adrian barely escape.

Felicity tells the team Oliver’s plans and they intercept him telling him they’re not going to let him do it. He gives them once last chance to get out of the street before taking them down one by one. The team returns to Felicity defeated when Thea and Quentin show up. He tells them about the evidence they confiscated and Felicity has the team hit the street to find out what Church is up to since Oliver is MIA.

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The breakout(s)

Lyla gets Oliver into the facility telling him he has 25 minutes before extraction. She guides him to Diggle’s cell but he’s not there. She finds out he’s been moved to general population and she warns Oliver that if he goes in there neither one of them will come out. She tells him to abort and Oliver takes down one of the guards so that the inmates are returned to their cell. Oliver drops into his cell and tells him that he needs to leave with him and after a quick talking to Diggle leaves with him. They’re able to get above ground and are whisked away by air before being taken down by the guards.

Felicity goes to talk to Rory about his decision to leave the team. She tells him she understands his reasons for leaving and tells him that they could really use him. He tells her he can’t right now but she tells him if he changes his mind he can come back. Felicity returns to the team and they realize that Church is headed to the ACU to take them down.

Adrian questions Church’s guy but he won’t turn on him. He’s about to beat the answers out of him when Church and his men show up. Felicity tells the team she’s not sending them out there to die but Rory shows up and says they should be able to decide their fate. The team shows up at the ACU and work together to get everyone out. Curtis ends up getting hit in the back with a sharp object when they’re intercepted by Church. Wild Dog tells Artemis to take him to safety while he tries to take on Church but he gets taken down. Quentin pulls up with the getaway van and tells them that they’re going to have to leave Wild Dog behind.

Oliver gets Diggle to H.I.V.E. when he gets a call about what happened to Rene. Felicity can’t find Rene on any of the footage and blames herself for leaving him behind. Oliver returns and tells the team that they’re not going to give up on Rene and will find him. Church has him strung up alive torturing him and threatening to break him.

Some takeaways…

  • I mean, while I feel bad for Rene he does need a some harsher tough love because his ass just can’t seem to listen. I do know I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes because it look like things are going to get brutal.
  • Now I know we all knew that Rory was going to quit the team then find his way back. At least it wasn’t dragged out. I feel like I keep saying this but this season they are not trying to give us filler material which I wholly appreciate. We’re moving at a nice quick pace.
  • I’m glad that Oliver was able to break Diggle out… like I ever doubted he would. Once he’s ready to get back out there with the crew it’s going to be interesting to see how that dynamic works out.

Are you glad to see the stories are moving at a steady pace? Will Church break Rene? Let me know below and on Twitter!

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