SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

Some of the dirt starts to leak out as we finally find out who our Democratic and Republic nominees are. It’s a game of cat and mouse and I’ve got the recap below!

scandal 520 trump card
Hollis is ahead of Mellie and Susan in the polls so Olivia and Abby make a verbal agreement to cease attacks on each other’s candidates until he taken out of the race. Once separated they both make moves to get dirt on each other’s candidates because they believe the truce won’t last.

David asks Susan to marry him and she says yes (I fell like this is moving too fast). Meanwhile, Cyrus meets with Liv to ask her if she thinks he’s lost it. He tells her about Frankie telling her he’s pure and wants to help people but he’s still losing to Edison in every primary. Liv realizes the Cyrus thinks Frankie is the real deal but he tells her that if he’s losing his touch then she needs to tell him. She tells him that he’s not losing to Edison, he’s losing to Rowan. He asks her what the plan is agreeing to do some dirty work but she tells him she’s done trying to take down her father because there’s no way to win.

Rowan meets with Abby to offer her something that will crush Mellie. Abby initially declines but he tells her that Liv aborted Fitz baby before asking her what would Olivia do. Together Abby and Liv decide to go after Hollis by leaking that he spent taxpayer’s money, raped his ex-wife and racist but Hollis is able to talk his way out of all of it making his number go up in the polls.

Edison thinks this is the perfect opportunity to hold a news conference to say something about Hollis. Rowan shuts it down telling him that his white supporters don’t want to hear him talk about him. He tells him that he’s going to become president by letting everyone forget he’s black. Rowan then tells him that he’s going to add Jake to the top of his list of Vice President candidates but Edison doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Rowan tells him that it’s his decision to make since he’s the candidate. Edison meets with Jake and tells him that he’s not going to consider him for Vice President but Jake tells him he basically has no choice. Jake then pretty much threatens him if he says no to him.

Abby suggests to Liv that they go after Hollis on abortion but Liv quickly shuts this down because it could destroy Mellie. Hollis goes on Sally’s show and tells her that whoever between Mellie and Susan drops out first then he will make them his Vice President nominee. Elizabeth thinks that they should consider it but Abby tells her that they’re not taking the deal. Mellie thinks she should take the deal because she would at least be closer to the oval office but Marcus tells her the people need her.

Rowan visits Liv and tells her that Mellie needs to take the deal or else Abby will. She asks her what he knows and he tells her that Abby will use their friendship to betray her. Liv doesn’t want to hear it but he tells her she should trust him over Abby and take the deal. Liv meets with Hollis telling him she wants Mellie on the ticket but they have some concerns about his exclusionary and offensive message. He tells her that he’s a business man and he’s just giving the customers what he wants. He says some pretty horrible things about his supporters before asking Liv if they have a deal and she shakes his hand telling her they do.

Liv returns to OPA telling everyone she went to see Hollis and they all freak out but she tells them she saw him then went to share some truth to Sally. Hollis goes back on Sally’s show to talk about his love for his supporters but she ambushes him with video of all of the horrible things he told Liv. Hollis supporters turn on him and his supporters start dropping off.

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Liv goes to see Edison telling him that while he may win he will not be running the country her father will. She tells him her father is stealing the election for him because he thinks he’s easy to control. She then brings up Jake stopping his protests and he tells her he’s close but she tells him that if he drops off she can help him by making sure he has a real shot in the next frame. She also ells him that he’ll be able to say everything he’s wanted to say about Hollis.

Edison ends up telling the press that Hollis is a disgusting piece of trash comparing him to other privileged white man for who discrimination is foreign. He asks them if they should return to slavery because in today’s America gay people can get married, Black Lives Matter and people of color can go into banks and borrow money on their own. He then tells them that black lives and immigrants are under attack and he calls Hollis and his supporters thugs and punks. Afterwards one of the reporters makes a comment that he just lost the presidency. Edison calls Frankie and tells him that he concedes from the race making Vargas the Democratic nominee.

Huck and Quinn bring Liv really good dirt on Susan that could potentially cause her to concede while Abby digs into Liv’s whereabouts surrounding her abortion. She calls Liv and tells her they need to talk and she agrees. Liv shows up but in the Oval with everyone in attendance telling them that they’ll show each side what dirt they have. If they decide to drop out then the dirt will be buried but if not it’ll be released. Mellie and Susan say they don’t want to drop out but Fitz steps in and tells them that if one drops out then they can pick the strongest candidate giving the party the best chance to win the election.

Liv tells Susan that David dropped an investigation to get Governor Baker to back her and Susan is pissed he lied to her again. Fitz tells him that if it’s true he expects his resignation in the morning but Elizabeth steps in telling him that it’ll ruin Susan’s career as well. They all turn to Abby and she ignores the abortion files on Liv telling them that she has information that Mellie saw a psychic. Susan stands up and tells them she’s done before walking out.

Susan announces that she’s dropping out of the race and Mellie is ecstatic that she’s won. She gets a little too excited and she and Marcus almost have a moment. Liv pays Abby a visit with wine telling her that she thinks she lost on purpose. She asks her what else she had on Mellie and she tells her that what she had was on her. Liv tells her she’s not ashamed of her abortion but the only person it would’ve hurt is Fitz because he doesn’t know about it. She asks her how she found out because no one knows and she tells her it was her father who she doesn’t believe is done with her.

Rowan and Jake pay Edison a visit to confirm that his speech was from Liv. He then leaves him with Jake who quickly gives him a message telling him to tell Olivia that he wants to escape.

Some takeaways…

  • I’m glad we’re done with the Susan and David thing. It was getting irritating, and while she had great cut downs for him, it was just time to let it go. I mean, I think we all knew Mellie would be the Republican nominee. I’m also glad we have our nominees because there were just too many spoons in the pot.
  • I’m pretty sure Fitz is going to find out about the abortion and it’s going to be from Abby or Rowan. I’m just throwing that out there.
  • I also knew that Frankie would be the Democratic nominee (listen to my predictions on the latest Glam DEETS podcast episode here). I mean, Mellie and Frankie made the most sense looking at who is on their team and the long term outcome.
  • Rowan is a dirty m-fer but at least Jake knows that and wants to get out. Either they kill Rowan or the kill Jake – I don’t see either one happening. It will always be this back and forth unless one of them is eliminated. Y’all know I’m team Jake all day but that’s just what it is.
  • I’m sure Rowan is going to worm his way into Frankie’s campaign. He has dirty on ev-er-y-one. No one is safe. Cyrus is the king of playing dirty so I’m sure Rowan has an entire book of blackmail for him.

What are you predictions for the season finale? Let me know below and on Twitter!

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