SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

I’m not going to lie, this episode has some scenes that I really enjoyed; probably the best of the season (dare I say it). The usual suspects are up against an unsuspecting threat and everyone is all about protecting their own neck. Read the recap below!

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Olivia thinks Mellie needs to go after the Latino vote but while she’s trying to convince her she gets a call from Abby. Team OPA tracks Lillian’s movements and it leads to Andrew who can speak again. He tells Liv he told her that Fitz went to war for his mistress and tells her that her people are the ones who jammed a needle in his neck causing his stroke. She meets with all parties involved but no one confesses to putting the needle in his neck. They find out that Cyrus is in the clear because he has immunity and he thinks it’s hilarious that everyone is sweating.

Elizabeth thinks the one way out is to kill Andrew but they’re all against it. Abby tells them that Mellie needs to talk to Andrew and they need to destroy all documents that prove Fitz went to war for Liv. This causes Liv to have nightmares again and she realizes it was Huck who stuck Andrew with the needle. She confronts him and tells him that whatever he’s thinking about doing not to think it. She then tells Huck and Quinn that they need to destroy anything linking them or Mellie to the war or Andrew. Elizabeth meets with Huck to get him to finish off Andrew but he tells her he doesn’t do that anymore. She reminds him what Andrew did to Liv and he snatches the material out of her hands before walking off.

Mellie visits Andrew but he calls her out about why she’s really there. She tells him that he broke her heart when he chose Fitz over her. She tries to tell hm that maybe it’s their time for another chance but he asks her if he disgusts her and that the feeling is mutual. Mellie goes back to Liv freaking out because they have no idea when the news about what Andrew told Lillian will break. Liv snaps and tells her she needs to sit down and let her do what she does best.

Liv goes to see Rowan and tells him and Jake that she needs them to listen in on Lillian. Rowan tells her that when her plan fails she’ll be left with only one option but she tells him she’s not him. Huck pays Andrew a visit and immediately sticks him in the neck with a needle. He takes him to the secret room under the White House and when he comes to he’s face to face with Liv, Abby and Huck. She tells him that people are trying to kill him because of what he’s been saying and if he wants their help he has to cooperate. She asks him how much he wants to drop the story and he stands firm at $10 million with Liv representing him for his book deal.

They find out that Lillian is publishing in 24 hours and takes Andrew’s offer to the group. They realize that no one has money except for Fitz and Mellie but Mellie doesn’t want to pay anything. Fitz decides to just go all in after Abby tells him it’s worth a shot. They take it back to Andrew and tells him that he has a deal but he first has to call Lillian to stop the story and sign a NDA. He tells them he wants the money first and Liv has Huck do it. Liv tells Abby to call Lillian but after the money is transferred Andrew changes the terms and demands $20 million. As he’s talking Liv has flashbacks from when she was kidnapped.

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Abby goes to Fitz and tells him that maybe they should make Andrew a member of the cabinet. Fitz tells her they’re in this situation because of him and tells her that he’s going to make an announcement taking the blame while leaving Liv out of it. Abby tells Liv and tells her she needs to help her shut it down but Liv thinks he’s finally being the president he’s supposed to be. Abby asks her what she’s supposed to do and Liv pretty much tells her she’s “just Abby” and she can always come back and work for her. Abby doesn’t take that well and goes to talk to Andrew alone the following day.

Liv gets a call from Jake who tells her Andrew’s story changed and it’s now about Mellie. Liv goes to Abby because she thinks it’s Elizabeth who got to Andrew but Liv realizes it was Abby. Liv asks her who talked her into it but Abby tells her it was Liv who did it. She tells her that he’s still the president and their job of protecting him is not done. She tells her she doesn’t work for Liv, Liv works for her and tells her her pass has been revoked.

Liv calls Jake to get his pass so she can get into the White House. She goes to talk to Andrew and tells him she’s giving him a chance to change his mind about the offer Abby made him. He immediately disrespects her with sexual connotations and as he keeps disrespecting her she flashes back to when she was kidnapped. She finally snaps and beats him to death with a chair. Fitz walks in and asks her if she’s okay promising her that everything is going to be okay. Abby walks in and Liv tells her she has one hour to announce Andrew’s death and stop Lillian’s story. She then tells her to never cross her again.

Quinn and Huck pick Liv up as Fitz holds a press conference announcing Andrew’s death. Everyone makes their statements to the press as Quinn and Huck drop her off at Rowan’s house. Marcus is pissed because they left him out of what was going on and tells them that if they can’t include him he shouldn’t be there.

Some takeaways…

  • So, I knew what was coming but I wasn’t expecting them to go all the way there. Like, they went all the way there. It was definitely the most graphic scene of the series. I was totally here for it though.
  • Alex has found out about Cyrus and Tom and he done spilled the beans to Michael I feel like Frankie Vargas is going to lose solely on the drama surrounding him between the members of his campaign.
  • My favorite scenes were the group scenes. I’ve been saying this since we returned this back half but I’m really enjoying Cyrus. He had the best lines of the episode hands down.
  • We’ll be back in two weeks and it looks like Liv has gone to her father for solace while she copes with killing Andrew. This should be interesting seeing as Jake is there and they still have something going on.

Do you think Andrew needed to die and will Liv bounce back from this? Let me know below and on Twitter!

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