SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

It’s a jam packed season finale with twists, a few surprises and of course your standard finale cliffhangers. It’s all below followed by my final thoughts of the season!

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Jelena comes clean with Terrence and tells him that she can’t have kids but he thinks she’s lying. She brings him the lab work and he tells her he should’ve believed her but she believes he still thinks she’s lying. He tells her that he doesn’t completely trust her after she made him fail a drug test but he loves her for who she is.

Oscar gives Jude three months to prove his loyalty or he’ll be out. Lionel tells Jude that Oscar is making her be his wife in every way but she tells him there’s still something that she may be able to do.

Ahsha is having issues believing a girl named Mandy is really his lawyer’s assistant and she vents about it to Kyle. Kyle gets an email from Raquel that was set to be sent after her death with a man’s name and number in it. Ahsha tells Sloane and Pete when they get a visit from Lionel who tells them Oscar’s plan to try to have Sloane killed. Ahsha finds out that Sloane is in the situation she’s in because Jelena stole her evidence she had on Oscar and gave it to Lionel.

Ahsha goes by Jelena’s apartment to kick her ass and storms in telling her that anything bad that happens starts with her. She tells her that Oscar is threatening to kill Sloane but Jelena doesn’t want to hear it so Ahsha slams her against the wall. Jelena tells her one more push and she’ll be over the edge and Ahsha lets her go. Jelena tells her that she wants to be her but Ahsha tells her that she made a mess that she’s going to fix or she’ll see how much she can be like her.

Sloane stops by Oscar’s office and confronts him about trying to kill her telling him if he’s man enough to kill him herself. Jelena interrupts telling them she came to fix it making a deal that if he leaves Sloane alone he can have the arena. She tells him in exchange she wants 10% of the team.

Mandy stops by Derek’s house while Ahsha is there and she tells her she stopped by to give him something but won’t leave it with her. Ahsha confronts him about it but he tells her it’s nothing to worry about. During the Devil Girls halftime performance the song switches up but Ahsha doesn’t understand why. They usher her to a seat and Derek appears on the court and proposes to her telling her that Mandy is his jeweler. Of course she says yes.

Jelena is the only one who’s not quite happy about it but Oscar agrees to her terms and gives her 10% of the team. Kyle goes to see the man from Raquel’s email who happens to be her attorney. He tells her Raquel wanted her to have something after she passed and he gives her an USB drive.

Jelena talks to Raquel in spirit about what she should do about Terrence telling her that she ruined them for good. Meanwhile, Ahsha, Derek and her parents are celebrating their engagement at Sloane’s house when Kyle shows up and tells them they need to see something. A video of Raquel confessing that she killed Olivia and now it’s in the judge’s hands what will happen to German.

Jelena goes to see Oscar and tells him that he got the arena but not without a cost. She tells him that the minority stakeholders don’t want to work with him and she only needed the 10% so now she and Terrence are the majority owners of the Devils. Terrence is ecstatic about how Jelena took the team from Oscar but when he looks at the contracts he sees that it’s all in her name. She tells him she can give him equity but their partnership doesn’t work on any level. She gives him back his ring and walks away.

German is released from jail and Ahsha picks him up. He tells her he doesn’t know what he’s going to do but notices the big ass ring on her hand. He tells her that they’ve changed and he can never go back after what he’s gone through. He tells her that he would never want her to go through something she can’t recover from and hopes that she’ll protect herself. She tells Derek that she’s tired of people telling her how to live her life and she thinks they should elope. Of course he’s into it.

Zero makes the decision that he doesn’t want to call his sister and interrupt her life with paparazzi and craziness. He tells Jude he already has a family and gives him a key to his childhood home telling him that he put it under both their names.

Lionel calls Pete and tells him that Oscar is going crazy and she needs help. Pete rushes over to save her but finds her in the garage with the ignition on trying to kill herself. She tells him that she was trying to set him up for her murder so that he can go to jail. Pete tells her there’s another way but when they try to leave the garage they realize they’re stuck inside.

Jelena tells Zero that she’s trading him because payback is a bitch. Zero tells Jude that they can go together but Jude tells him he can’t leave Lionel and Zero freaks out. Sloane runs into Jelena and she tells her that she knows what she did to Terrence and she cut out his heart. She tells her she’s alone as she should be and Jelena fires her. Sloane tells her she won’t get to Ahsha but Jelena tells her she already has because she’s already doing things she never thought she’d do.

Ahsha runs into Terrence looking for Pete but he tells her that Jelena owns the Devils. He warns her to watch her back because she’ll try to come after what she loves the most. He tells her that she’ll even come after Derek and break them up because she has all of the secrets to do it.

Jelena returns to her new office and hears a noise so she goes to see what it is. She ends up getting shot in the stomach.

Some takeaways…

  • Just when I thought Jelena was doing something nice she just has to be doing something evil. I do kind of agree with her that she needed to let Terrence go. I just feel like that relationship was toxic for both of them. I actually think a lot of these relationships are toxic all around… but what do I know?
  • Derek’s proposal came very quickly. If I was Ahsha I would’ve said no thank you. He had a drug problem, a women problem and all types of other issues. I’m going to need to make sure all of that is under wraps before I say yes to anything. It looks like she stood Derek up but I wouldn’t be surprised if we returned next season and they were indeed married.
  • Can we please get rid of Oscar? He’s like a little cockroach. Just when you think he’s gone he comes scurrying back again. He’s definitely on the list for possible Jelena shooter but I have another theory.
  • Not quite sure what they’re going to do with German. I feel like the love triangle is not all the way dead. I mean, they need to do something with him since he’s free to roam the streets.
  • Someone else they need to figure out what to do with is Kyle. She had the most irrelevant story line of the season *cough* her movie *cough*. Would love to see her get a story line that I actually care about. I think this is the second season in a row that I haven’t liked her story development.
  • I know I wanted more people to die this season (it’s too damn many of them) and I just might get my wish. I don’t think Pete is dead but I’d love to see Lionel go. Wouldn’t be surprised either way for either of them. I’d also love to see Jelena go but it’s the Ahsha and Jelena show so I have a hard time believe they’ll kill her off. I do think that her killer is Terrence. Ahsha found him in Pete’s office where Sloane’s gun was which they made sure to remind us it was there earlier in the episode. He left the office unhinged so I wouldn’t be surprised if he slipped it into his jacket and shot her out of rage.
  • All in all it was an okay season. Hopefully next season we come back with a light cast so we can get back to a focused story line.

What did you think of season 3 and who do you think dies? Let me know below and on Twitter!

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