SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

After last week’s episode I think we all went into this week expecting at least one death. While everyone deals with the pending loss of a friend Oscar is back causing trouble. It’s all in the recap below!

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German is rushed to the hospital after being stabbed by Chase. Ahsha can’t ride with him because he’s technically a prisoner.

Jude checks on Lionel to make sure she isn’t feeling some type of way after he went to the board without her. She tells him their good but they’re going to take down Jelena and Terrence with a little help from a recently released Oscar. Jude isn’t here for it but Lionel ensures him she has him on a leash. She tells him if anyone can stop Jelena and Terrence it’s him. He could be the difference between them losing or keeping the team.

Terrence has been cleared to play and he asks Jelena how her OBGYN appointment went. She lies and tells him that she has to take more tests before getting a call about Oscar being out of jail. Lionel believes she has the upper hand but Oscar is one step ahead of her.

Raquel finds out that she needs to be admitted because her heart is weakening faster than they expected. Ahsha, Derek and Sloane receive news that German is going to pull through. They see Kyle and go to tell her the news but she tells them about Raquel’s condition. Sloane talks to the doctor but he tells her there’s nothing else they can do. Pete shows up and Sloane tells him what’s going on and he comforts her.

Derek uses his celebrity to get in and talk to German. He tells him that he didn’t deserve what happened to him but German tells him he wished he finished the job. He tells Derek if he really wants to help him he’ll help him die by bumping the cart with a pair of scissors close to the bed on his way out.

He tells him that he can’t spend the rest of his life in jail. Derek tells him he’s not going to do it because if he hurts himself he’ll hurt Ahsha and he has to protect her.

Jelena tells Terrence they need to pressure the league to make a decision before they lose anymore leverage. She calls her league contact And tells him that Oscar being released from prison doesn’t change the fact that the Kincades need to go. He puts her on hold and Oscar is sitting next to him. Oscar tells him that he’s been exonerated of all charges and if he’s separated from his team he’ll make things messy for him and the league. He tells Jelena that his hands are tied and the team belongs to Oscar. Pete relays the news to Sloane but she’s so pissed she breaks the glass on the vending machine.

Jude goes to tell Lionel the good news but she tells him Oscar got off leash. She also tells him that she doesn’t know what it means for them but it’s not going to be good.

Oscar meets with Jelena and Terrence and apologizes for the way Lionel treated them. He tells Terrence that he needs to be back in the floor and Jelena needs to be front and center at halftime. He tells them he doesn’t blame hem for trying to take the team with Lionel in his seat. He tells them he’s wiping the slate clean but he wants them to sell him the arena. Jelena tells him they’re not selling the arena and if he’s really calling a truce it shouldn’t be an issue.

Ahsha is distraught over Raquel and wants to do something for her. Meanwhile, Raquel goes to talk to German and tells him she’s just there for tests. He tells her he’s going to prison and she realizes he’d rather die and he’s avoiding shame. She tells him life is too important to just throw away.

He tells her he has Olivia’s blood on his hands but she tells him that’s not the whole story.bshe out a lot of people in bad situations and it could’ve been any of them in his place. She also tells him that one moment doesn’t define him, the people around him do, and he’s loved.

Terrence sees Jelena in the maternity ward and thinks she’s ready for children but she tells him it’s not the right time. He tells her it’ll never be the perfect time but he wants a family with her. He needs someone who’s a part of her and a part of him.

Everyone returns to the arena for the game as Terrence is back on the court. The Devils Girls go dark for Raquel during halftime and hold a moment of silence. Meanwhile, Ahsha sneaks Jelena out of the hospital for a ride and takes her to a field where the Devil Girls do a special dance for her.

Back at the arena Lionel asks Oscar what he has in store for her. He tells her he’s going to enjoy having her as a wife which includes sharing a bed. Whatever future she may have had, he’s it.

German fireflies killing himself and accepts his prison sentence. Back I her hospital room Ahsha is talking to Lionel when her heart fails. Everyone rushes back to wait be there for her during her final moments. Jelena goes into her room and she tells her that she needs to have a conversation with Terence but can’t bring her led to do it. Raquel tells her that it’s hard for her to open up but she should try it. She tells her to open up to her and asks what her deepest secret is. Jelena tells her that’s she’s terrified of being alone and she tells her she knows. Jelena returns to the waiting room and tells them that Raquel is gone. Oscar tells

Lionel that she’s going to come to want him because they have a mutual dislike. He then reveals that he plans to kill Sloane.

Some takeaways…

  • Not going to lie, I kind of teared up during that dance for Raquel. I’m actually going to miss her. Regardless of how out of place her storyline was this season she’s always been a great addition.
  • Oh German… I was expecting two deaths tonight but I guess they needed to save one for the finale. I think it’s about German’s time but it looks like we’re going to be seeing him from the jail cell.
  • Can somebody kill Oscar already? Why is he out of jail and why is he still creating havoc. I’ve been saying he needs to go and I’m going to keep saying it until he’s gone for good. Hey, maybe someone (Lionel, Pete, Sloane) will turn around and kill him in the finale.

Are you sad to see Raquel go? Who our next casualty? Let me know below and on Twitter!

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