SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

It’s campaign time and boy do we have a full roster of candidates. From the obvious to the downright surprising. I’ve get it all in the recap below!

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We open at dinner with Olivia, Rowan, Jake and Vanessa. It’s all a distraction while Quinn and Charlie break into his apartment and bug it. Sally Langston announces on her show that Governor Vargas is running but she’s pissed because he told her viewers he never would. Abby becomes suspicious that Cyrus is running Vargas campaign after talking to Ethan so she calls Quinn for a favor but it’s a no go. David comes to the rescue giving her the information she needs on Cyrus.

Huck and Marcus are semi bonding over watching live feed of Javi’s soccer game. They see Kim embrace a man and Huck is caught off guard. He prints out a picture of him and takes it to Charlie telling him that he believes it’s the guy they tried to kill and now he’s after his family.

Mellie meets with Hollis Doyle and he tells her he’ll write a check for half a million dollars if she can promise to pull the plug on the EPA. Elizabeth thinks they need to get to Hollis first and cut Mellie’s funding and Fitz begrudgingly agrees.

Liv is obsessed with watching the live feed of Jake and Vanessa and during one of their make out sessions he looks at the camera and smirks. He shows up at her house and tells her the show is over. He tells her she’s obsessed but she tells him she wants to know why he and her father chose her. Jake tells her Fitz messed her up and she’s just another textbook example of daddy issues. He tells her he’s marrying a woman he loves who is capable of loving him back. Liv tells him nothing he does is real but he tells her she’s exactly what she wants.

Abby confronts Cyrus about working with Vargas and he tries to lie his way out of it. Abby doesn’t buy it and tells him she’s telling Fitz so he tells her that Vargas asked him to run his campaign but that was it; he didn’t accept. She still thinks he’s lying but he tells her that it’s over and not to tell Fitz.

Charlie goes to OPA looking for Huck but he’s not there. He shows Quinn the picture of Six Toes and is telling her about who he is when Marcus walks in. He recognizes the guy in the photo and tells them that he’s the guy Huck saw with his family. They both look at each other then leave but Huck has already got Six Toes alone.

Fitz, Susan and Elizabeth meet with Hollis and he throws shots every other sentence at Fitz. Fed up Fitz tells Susan she doesn’t need to do what she thinks he wants her to do. Hollis tells takes a low blow at him mentioning how he won the first election and Fitz dismisses him. Hollis goes back to Mellie and gives her one more chance bringing up regulations on immigrants. She tells him her campaign goals and he tells her he’ll have his people call her people.

Abby tells Liv about Cyrus and she tells him she has him and she can crush him. Liv realizes she wants his job and asks her if she thinks she should wait her turn. She tells her that at any moment someone can come and take her spot in line but if she does what she wants to do how does she sleep at night. Liv tells her she’s a good person but she’s standing too close to the Oval and can feel the power. She can’t let it corrupt her because once she takes that spot she won’t be the same.

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Quinn tells Liv that Huck is missing and is after Six Toes aka Sean. Huck gets Sean into his car under the pretense that he wants to drive him to the gas station since his car stopped. As their talking Sean tells him about his son and wife but Huck passes the gas station and he realizes that he’s in danger. Liv, Quinn and Marcus find Sean’s abandoned car and Quinn chews Marcus out even though no one told him about Huck’s past. Liv tells her she needs to start treating him like family but Quinn snaps and tells her that she abandoned them for the White House. As Quinn continues to tell her the truth Liv tries to leave but Quinn asks her why she hates them.

Liv snaps and tells her that she was kidnapped and for a week of her life she lost that right so she deserves to be a little selfish. As she’s talking Quinn shows up with a passed out Sean and tells them it wasn’t him. Huck tells Liv that he thought Sean was Six Toes but he’s just Sean. He says it’s time for him to let them go because Sean is good for them. Back at OPA Liv tells Quinn it’s because of her she could be selfish because she held everything together.

Abby tells Fitz that Cyrus is running Vargus campaign and that she knows for certain. He goes to dismiss her but Abby tells him that he’s a turncoat but Fitz tells her that he can’t just get up and announce that his Chief of Staff is running another campaign. He tells him Cyrus has him but Abby tells him Cyrus has a clean exit and Fitz win and she is capable of being the new Chief of Staff. Fitz tells her that she can have the job and her first order of business is to fire Cyrus.

The following day Hollis announces that he’s running for president at his elementary school. He even steals Mellie’s entire campaign idea and Mellie is pissed. Fitz thinks it’ a joke but Susan is not laughing and thinks Fitz blew it because she actually agreed with Hollis and they could’ve kept him on a leash. She tells him that while she respects him as president outside of the gate she’s the candidate and it’s her show.

Abby tells Cyrus he’s fired and

Liv apologizes to Jake and tells him she shouldn’t have expected him to not choose. Vanessa shows up and drops her cracked phone. This triggers memories of how she met Jake and his confession on how it was a setup. She quickly leaves calling Quinn and telling her they need to step up their surveillance on him.

Some takeaways…

  • Jake is definitely up to something. I don’t know what it is because I don’t know who Vanessa is. Like I’ve said before, I don’t trust him and I don’t trust Rowan.
  • I had forgot about Hollis and now he’s back and it looks like we’re going to get Trump 2.0. I can’t, I really can’t. Who knows, maybe this will help Trump supporters see how big of a circus Trump has turned the election into.
  • I have to applaud Abby for taking the initiative and going after what she wants. Do I think this will change her? Not really. She might be a little apprehensive initially but in the end I think she’ll be fine – badass, but fine.

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