SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

So many lives on the line! I don’t know about you but I’m expecting a few casualties by the season finale. German finds out his fate after turning himself in, Jelena confronts her father, Raquel deals with her medical condition and Lionel is being Lionel. It’s all in the recap below!

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German is promptly arrested for the murder of Olivia and Sloane asks Ahsha what Olivia had over her. She tells them that she didn’t win all-star and didn’t tell them because she was supposed to be the “good girl”. Sloane returns to work and calls out Lionel for being a bad person while German holds out on confessing the real reason why he killed Olivia. Ahsha takes things into her own hands and decides to talk to German.

Jude tells Lionel she needs to go out in front of the press and publicly apologize to Sloane. If she doesn’t there will be overwhelming support for her. Lionel meets with Sloane admitting she went overboard with the press and apologizes. She asks her to ease up on her with the press but Sloane tells her she’s not going to give her public support when she’s apologizing in private. Lionel tells her that she keeps taking everything from her including her baby that she lost after she saw her and Pete flirting all over each other. Sloane tells her that she’s lucky she doesn’t flatten her.

Jelena meets with her father over lunch and she immediately confronts him about beating her mother. She tells him about the times she remembers him putting his hands on her and tells him she needs to understand a few things so she can move on with her life. He tells her he doesn’t see the point in digging up the past and turns back to lunch. Afterwards, Vanessa tells Jelena they can work on him together but it’s between Jelena and her father. Jelena tells her she’ll never get closure from him and nothing will ever be different.

Ahsha and Pete go visit German in jail but he only wants to see Pete. Chase shows up angry and tells them that he’s going to make sure German never sees the light of day again. Ahsha puts Kyle in charge of choreography in the midst of what’s going on with German and the Devil Girls perform at halftime to Cherry Bomb.

Ahsha is upset because German won’t see her and feels like there’s nothing she can do because he’s given up on both himself and her. Pete and Sloane meet with Chase to try to convince him that German isn’t a murderer. Chase doesn’t want to hear anything they have to say and calls Sloane a crackhead before leaving.

Raquel tells Kyle and Jelena that the doctor told her she only has weeks left to live and to tie up any loose ends. She tells Jelena that she wants to make sure she gets done everything that she needs to do. Sloane and Pete call in Terrence and tells him that they’re giving him another chance to rally another backer.

Jude vents about Lionel to Zero and asks him to go to a meeting with Marcus the board member since he can’t bring Lionel. They meet for double date of tennis and although Zero sucked, Marcus agrees to meet with the board.

Jelena goes to her parents hotel room and tells her father that he’s not leaving until she says everything she has to say. She tells him she was never his little girl; he terrorized her everyday by taking her childhood, safety and mother from her. She tells him that that’s the last he’ll ever see her. She thanks her mother for supporting her and they agree to try to have a relationship.

Ahsha throws a tantrum at the precinct because German still won’t see her. Derek leads her to his car and tells her she’s a fighter and he’s going to stick through this with her, even helping her pay any legal fees for German.

Lionel stops by Jude’s looking for him but finds Zero. She finds out that he met with Marcus behind her back and is livid but Zero tells her she needs to talk to Jude. Terrence, Derek and Jelena meet with a member of the board and Jelena lays it out for him that he has 24 hours to accept their offer or they’re withdrawing it.

Jelena finds out from her gynecologist that it’s very unlikely she’ll be able to conceive. Meanwhile, Lionel pays Oscar a visit getting him released from jail and tells him that he’s going to help make sure she keeps her seat at the league.

German tells the court that what happened with Olivia was an accident and that he did it because he loves Ahsha. He’s sentenced to 20 years and as he’s being escorted out Chase stabs him in the stomach.

Some takeaways…

  • Well damn. They brought Chase ass back just so he can go right the hell back to jail. I mean, okay. Now German is in the hospital and I have a very strong feeling he might not make it. Somebody’s got to die people.
  • Why is Oscar out of jail? If it’s one person we need to get rid of it’s him. It’s like he has nine unnecessary lives. He needs to go and Lionel needs to follow right along behind him. To think, a season when the character I hate the most isn’t Jelena. Interesting.
  • Jelena can’t have kids, Raquel is going to die and Zero is trying to find his sister. I’m lumping these all together because they’re all on the same level. Why would they let Jelena have kids? It’s Jelena. Raquel’s story line has been ridiculous this entire season and now they’re going to kill her off (hopefully). I say hopefully because I hope they didn’t create this story line for nothing. Zero is trying to find his sister, good luck with that.

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