SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

Jelena is out to prove Renee’s baby isn’t Terrence’s. Terrence is fighting for his friendship with Derek. German has gone completely off the deep end and Kyle is still talking about this damn movie. I’ve got the entire recap below!

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Derek is feeling a little bit some type away after German called him out about going after Ahsha even though she’ was taken. Ahsha tells him not to sweat because it’s always been him and he’s a risk she’s willing to take. Sloane is behind bars and her bail is set at $2.5 million. She enlists Pete’s help to her figure out who really killed Olivia.

Jelena is not here for Terrence and his new baby. She believes it’s an inconvenience and wants to focus on what they agreed to do. She tells him blood test or not that baby isn’t his. She goes to Ahsha to get her to talk to Derek and get him to relent and talk to Terrence. Ahshsa tells her she’ll talk to him if she makes her captain of the Devil Girls. Jelena tells her she’s out of her mind but Ahsha tells her she has nothing to lose. The girls perform a battle themed halftime show.After the show Jelena tells her that if she can guarantee Derek and Terrence alone time she can have captain. Ahsha gets Terrence five minutes and Jelena sticks to her word while telling Ahsha about Sloane being in jail. Ahsha runs home to check on her and asks her if the person who killed Olivia comes forward if it would help her. She tells her that they’re going to find the person who did it.

Raquel rushes over and Sloane asks her to get the papers from her office from when they were investigating Oscar. After she leaves, Sloane tells Pete that she needs to get into the jail and talk to Oscar. She meets with Oscar to get him to tell her about Olivia’s last few weeks but Oscar isn’t about to help her clear her name. She tells him that she’s going to find out who killed Olivia and he tells her that she needs to look closer to home.

Terrence meets with Derek and tells him that while Jelena wants him to get him to join them in buying the team he just wants his friend back. He then tells him about the baby and that he wants him to be the god father. He makes a short case then leaves Derek to think about what he said. Meanwhile, Jelena meets with Renee to tell her that she’s going to shut her down. She tells her that she’s going to prove the baby isn’t Terrence’s. Terrence confronts Jelena about her talk with Renee and tells her that the baby comes before the team. Derek overhears and tells him it’s good to see him again and whatever he needs him to do he’ll do it.

Ahsha calls German and leaves him a message telling him that he needs to turn himself in. Pete stops by Lionel’s office and tells her she needs to make a statement backing Sloane. He apologizes for how he treated her when they were together and tells her that she needs to take it out on him, not Sloane. Sloane calls Ahsha and has her come to the house to confront her about her dealings with Olivia. She asks her if she knows more about her death than she’s letting on and she tells her she does but to trust her. She leaves for the arena after getting a call from Raquel asking if German is okay. While leaving a not for Pete in his office he finds Sloane’s gun.

Jelena calls Renee over and calls her out on her lie in front of Terrence. Come to find out, Renee faked the pregnancy test and Jelena had it retested to prove that the baby isn’t really his. Terrence tells Jelena that he realizes they never talked about kids and he knows her childhood was horrible and that she’s terrified of being a mother. He tells her that he wants to have kids, needs them, and he wants them with her. She tells him that she doesn’t know and he tells her that she needs to face her father if she ever wants to know.

Pete tells Sloane that the police are coming for her because Oscar told them she got in to talk to him. She tells him that everyone got a red letter from Olivia but why didn’t Ahsha. She puts two and two together and realizes that German intercepted Ahsha’s letter. She calls Ahsha and tells her that she knows just as the police show up. Ahsha tells Derek they have to go to the police station so she can turn German in. German follows them into the precinct and tells Ahsha that he heard her messages. He tells the police that Sloane didn’t kill Olivia, he did.

Some takeaways…

  • We got to see Jude and Zero bond while Zero told him about his childhood and showed him his childhood home. We even find out that Zero has an estranged sister.
  • Kyle and Beau confess their love for each other but Raquel ends up passing out at the end of this. Pretty sure it has to do with her heart condition. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she dies by the end of this season.
  • German actually did the noble thing and turned himself in. I’m pretty sure the judge is going to be harsh on him. I mean, he did wait how long before turning himself in? There have been at least two arrests prior to his. I’m going to miss seeing German permanently on the show. Once he goes to jail he’s gone for (almost) ever.
  • I hope Oscar stays in jail and never gets out. I’ve had about enough of him and he’s been behind bars this entire season.
  • Lionel is another bitter one I can do without. She’s like a menopausal Jelena and we don’t need two Jelena’s in one show.

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