SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

Oh boy, when I say there is an intricate web woven on this show I mean you’re not getting out of it easily. I must say that my favorite character to watch this season has to be German. I love seeing him fall apart and I can’t wait to see what happens at that breaking point. I kind of feel like we might get another death by the end of this. Let’s go back to the beginning with the recap below!

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The case against Sloane

Sloane is brought in for questioning which leads to Pete being questioned as well. They both try to make the case that Sloane would never kill Olivia even though their words are being used against them. They come to the conclusion that Sloane had motive to kill Olivia. They believe that Sloane is obsessed with Olivia and Oscar despite Sloane and Pete trying to defend her actions.

The detective pulls out a copy of Sloane’s finger prints from the crime scene and tells her that they’re going to get a warrant to search her home. The detective then tries to pit Pete against Sloane telling him that she could be hiding yet another secret from him. Sloane sets off the fire alarm and tells Pete to go home and get rid of her unregistered gun before the police search the house. The police find a signed confession saying Sloane killed Olivia. When the officer comes in to arrest her she realizes it’s the same guy who kidnapped her but the detective won’t listen to anything she has to say and has her taken away to be locked up.

A coming out party, a baby and a fight

Ahsha suggests that she and German drive to Santa Barbara to get away and he agrees before they’re interrupted by Derek. German doesn’t seem that into the trip and Ahsha confronts him about the pictures he took of her and Derek. He tells her that he doesn’t trust him and the last time she tried this hard was when she kissed Derek and felt guilty about it. He asks her if she slept with him and she tells him she did. He tells her to leave before he loses it and she bounces real quick.

Meanwhile, Zero is cashing in on all of the offers he’s being flooded with following his coming out. Zero reaches out to Raquel to help manage his party being thrown by Out Magazine.

Jelena and Terrence play dirty by tripling Lionel’s rent but Jackson tells her not to let them get to her. While outside walking Jelena is confronted by a previous employee of Terrence’s named Renee claiming to be carrying his child. Jelena asks him about it and he admits to sleeping with her once when they were separated but Jelena wants both him and Renee to get tested. Renee tells them that she doesn’t want to get between them she just wants a father for her son. Jelena tells her that she’s arranged for a paternity test with her doctor and dismisses her.

At the party, the book writer tries to get Zero to open up more about his life but he evades all of his questions. Meanwhile, the Devil Girls put on a sultry dance that the crowd eats up. As Jude is preparing to leave, the writer asks Zero about visiting his childhood home. Zero shoots him down again telling him his past is his past but the writer tells him that he’s being paid a million dollars to write a tell all. If he doesn’t tell all the deal is off. Back at home, Jude convinces Zero to tell his story and he agrees to go back to his childhood house and tell his story just to him.

German goes to Derek’s house and confronts him about sleeping with Ahsha. Derek tells him to leave but German tells him he’s not going anywhere. They each throw a punch and Ahsha shows up but German throws him into a shelf. Ahsha goes to check that Derek is okay and German leaves. Ahsha follows him and he tells her she’s lying to herself because all she sees when she looks at him is a killer He then tells her to tell him that she’s not in love with Derek but she tells him she can’t and German leaves.

Jackson tells Lionel he’s not going to wait around for her anymore because her “chair” is more important to her. He tells her that people are going to come after her for that chair and tells her he’s done. Terrence gets the results of the paternity test and the results show that


Some takeaways…

  • Good on Jude for finally standing up to Oscar and letting his behind rot in jail. Oscar totally deserves whatever he has coming to him.
  • Oscar is one shady character, the fact that he was able to set Sloane up for murder from jail says a lot about what he’s willing to do to look after himself. I mean, look at Jude, that’s his son and he’s treated him like shit since we found out he existed.
  • I’m glad there hasn’t been a lot of Ahsha-Jelena hate this season. I feel like Jelena has enough people to be mad at (Lionel and Renee, I’m talking to you).
  • I feel like German is going to go off the deep end. He’s either going to kill himself or someone else; if not kill then badly injure. He’s unhinged. Like I said before, you kill once and you can definitely kill again. Totally knew Pete putting that gun in his office drawer (like who does that and why?) would be a bad idea.
  • Still not interested in Kyle’s storyline. Now the entire movie was a scam so we have to see how they get themselves out of this one.

Do you think German will come clean and help get Sloane out of jail? Let me know below and on Twitter!

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