SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

It’s all about consequences and boy do the members of the Devils know a thing or two about that. There were a lot of traps laid during this week’s episode and how it all played out is in the recap below!

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German finally confesses to Ahsha that he killed Olivia telling her exactly how it went down. He tells her it was an accident and he grabbed her to calm her down but she yanked away propelling herself over the railing. Ahsha doesn’t understand how he kept the secret for so long and he tells her that no one asked him about her so he kept his mouth shut. He ends up breaking down and she comforts him.

Jelena and Terrence try to dig up dirt on Lionel to get back at her for the stunt she pulled with Derek but they uncover that she used to be in a relationship with Jackson. They meet with Jackson for lunch to confront him about it and he tells them that it doesn’t change anything because Laurel burned him. Happy to hear it, they tell him they need his help in driving a wedge between Lionel and the guy who owns the arena who also happens to be Jackson’s friend Amin. Amin confronts Lionel trying to force her to sign a contract that would release him of all liability. She refuses and he shuts the arena down disabling her key card.

At the celebrity pick up game Zero is hounded by the media and he handles it poorly by throwing down the mic and running off. After the game Ahsha asks German why he wasn’t at the game but he tells her that his secret is his to bear and if she wants to leave she can leave. She goes to Pete for a little advice asking him when you know enough is enough and he tells her that she has to ask herself how much can she endure.

Jude decides to take Zero for a couple’s massage for some quiet time but he’s wound up about his only interview requests being about him kissing Jude. As he’s talking the masseuse pulls out her phone and snaps a picture. Zero freaks out breaking the phone and tells Jude he regrets ever kissing him publicly.

Lionel runs into Jackson and she asks him how long he plans to hate her. She asks him to join her for dinner and he agrees. At dinner they take shots at each other before Lionel asks him if they can have one night of revenge sex and he agrees to this as well. Meanwhile, Jelena and Terrence get chummy with Amin and after a few drinks they make a proposition.

After news that the Devils game will have to relocate to a college gym Jackson asks her if she has any other options. She tells him about the release Amin wanted her to sign and he tells her she should just sign it if she wants to eventually win the war. She proposes that they extend their revenge sex to something more and tells him that she plans to sign the release. He comes clean about working with Jelena and Terrence and tells her that he was backing them but they’ll have to find a new backer because he’s not going to take the team away from her.

Ahsha finally makes a decision and tells Derek that she has to be with German because he’s been there for her and he’s going through something that could break him. She tells him that she wants him but they can’t be together and this has to be goodbye. Of course Derek doesn’t listen and they end up in bed.

Jude goes to talk to Zero and he tells him that he doesn’t regret being with him, just that everyone knows and they now don’t have any privacy. Jude tells him that they still have each other and they’re in it together. Jude then tells him that all of the attention is on him and not on Derek and Zero takes advantage of it posting a picture of them on Instagram.

Jelena and Terrence meet Jackson outside the arena and he shows up with Lionel apologizing for going back to her. Jelena tells him they sent him to her on purpose as a test and he failed. They then tell them that they convinced Amin to sell them the arena making them her new landlord.

While in bed Ahsha unplugs German’s phone to charge hers and starts going through the pictures. After scrolling through many of the two of them she starts to go through shots German took of her talking to Derek at the celebrity pick up game. Pete visits Oscar in jail and confronts him about messing with his family. Pete ends up punching him and getting dragged out of the room.

Sloane has been hiding out in a hotel room with a police officer who has been trying to find another hotel since the one she’s in has bad memories. While researching for the case Sloane comes across a picture of the officer with Sloane and confronts her about it asking her why she lied about not knowing Oscar. She denies working with him but Sloane doesn’t back down telling her that she’s paranoid. Sloane tells her that she can’t keep her there but she tells her that she can take her to the precinct for questioning since she’s under suspicion for Olivia’s murder.

Some takeaways…

  • So Ahsha never told German she cheated on his ass with Terrence. That’s definitely going to come back to bite her in the ass. German ain’t stupid so Derek and Ahsha better watch their backs. Once you kill once you can definitely kill again.
  • I knew the cop was dirty from the jump. It was just something sketch about her and getting Sloane to open up seems too easy. I’m pretty sure once Ahsha finds out her mom is being questioned about killing Olivia she’s going to pressure German to confess.
  • Raquel let Kyle watch Miguel and Kyle had Beau watch him. There was an accident, Miguel got a black eye and in the end Raquel didn’t trip and Beau realizes he loves Kyle thanks to Miguel.
  • While I’m not a big fan of Jelena, I will say again how much I like her and Terrence as this conniving duo. I’m glad they’ve taken the focus of her against Ahsha away because that was getting old. I’m ready to see Lionel go down.

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