SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

This was the episode of secrets revealed and I loved every minute of it. All of the secrets of this season seemed to unravel thanks to one shared secret that created essentially a domino effect. I’ve got how we got there in the recap below starting with the secret that unraveled them all!

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Zero pulls Jude to the side and tells him that Terrance and Jelena are the ones trying to buy the team and that he made a deal with them to trade Derek. Jude tells him it doesn’t change anything between them and goes to Lionel with the news. She tells him that she’s going to throw the biggest opening game event. She calls Jelena and Ahsha into her office and tells them that she’s giving Ahsha $200,000 for the Devil Girls dance and taunts Jelena by telling her how much press she’s going to draw. She tells Ahsha to pack her bags because she’s going to Las Vegas for a press conference.

Jelena and Terrence meet with Pete and tell him their plans to buy out Lionel but they need his help to do it. Pete tells Sloane about their conversations and convinces her to at least meet with Terrence before she says no.

Jude runs into Lucas and apologizes for talking about his ex. Lucas accepts and they agree to another date. Zero confesses that he loves Jude but Jude tells him while he loves him it’s not enough; he needs someone who can be there for him in every way. Zero tells him that he can’t do that and Jude leaves.

Sloane meets with Terrence and he tells her about how he wants to take the Devils back to where they were and make it great again. She makes it clear that she has an issue with Jelena and asks him why he’s with someone as vicious as her. He tells her that the Jelena he knows is different than the one everyone else knows. He also explains how her strength helped him get through his darker times. Back home Pete asks her if she’s going to back Terrence but she tells him as long as Jelena is in the picture she never will because she’ll be the one pulling the strings. Pete meets with Jelena and tells her that he’s still going to back them because it’s his only way to get the Kincades out but he will be watching her every step of the way.

In Vegas Ahsha is saved from an annoying admirer by Derek who just so happens to be staying in Vegas in preparation for Lionel’s big event too (this won’t be good). At the press conference Ahsha fends off questions about her mom when it gets turned to Derek who saves her once again by telling the press that he was the reason why their relationship failed. That night Ahsha runs into Derek at the casino and he convinces her to stay and play but things quickly turn hot and they find themselves in the hotel room (uh oh German).

The following morning Ahsha hastily packs and tells Derek that she’ll have to tell German but Derek tells her that if she does he’ll break up with her. Meanwhile, Jude calls Lionel and tells her that Pete booked a meeting with the league which also includes Terrence and Jelena’s attendance. Jude had a good night with Lucas after opening up a little about his relationship with Oscar and asks him to meet him court side after the game which Lucas agrees to.

Ahsha returns to the arena to find that everything she ordered hasn’t arrived. Jelena tells her in the most Jelena way that if she needs her to step in to let her know. She leaves for her league meeting but when she, Terrence and Pete arrive they find out that the meeting has been postponed. Out walks Lionel and Derek and she tells Pete that Derek told the league how great a job she’s been doing. She also tells him he needs to look more into the people he got into business with since he had no idea they planned to trade Derek.

Ahsha tells German that she needs to talk to him after the game but because he hasn’t been getting any sleep he ends up in a bad car accident.   Ahsha confronts Zero about how Derek found out about the possible trade but he tells her that she was the one he was trying to get rid of. Terrence tries to apologize to Derek but he tells him to rot on the bench (ouch). The Devil Girls use chairs and basketballs as their prop for their dance and the crowd eats it up.

Sloane confronts Pete about not answering his phone and tell shim that she will be going into protective services since Oscar put a threat on her bodyguard’s daughter’s life. Zero runs into Lucas in the hall and he tells him that he’s not going to be meeting Jude after the game. He then tells him that he slept with him but because of Oscar he’s too needy. Zero goes Jude and tells him that Lucas isn’t coming because he told him not to then goes in and kisses him in front of everyone… I mean everyone.

Ahsha finds out that German has been in a car accident and rushes home to see him. She thinks this is the perfect time to tell him about Derek but he tells her things have been messed up for months because he’s the one who killed Olivia.

Some takeaways…

  • So Kyle held auditions for a leading man for “Fifty Shades of Kyle” only to find out that it was just for Raquel to find a man. All of this while she’s been romping around with Beau. Still not here for this story line.
  • I still feel like Derek is giving me season one womanizer Derek but Ahsha is totally in the wrong because she should’ve removed herself from the situation all together. I feel like German is what she would consider “safe” while Derek is more of a challenge. I need for her to choose one because it’s not right to just string German along when he out here killing for her. Plus, he told her he wasn’t going to be a viewing participant in the Ahsha and Derek show.
  • I feel like this was the episode of reveals and I’m excited because that means we don’t have to drag these secrets out for another seven episodes.
  • Derek now knows that he can’t trust Terrrence ass as long as he’s with Jelena, Zero finally came out of the close and German confessed to killing Olivia. Rejoice I say, rejoice! It’s so refreshing and I’m excited to see how this all plays out for the rest of the season.

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