SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

There’s a Devil Girls switch up, Jelena and Terrence face a tough decision and Derek only has eyes for Ahsha. The drama is heating up and it’s all in my recap below!

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Ahsha and German are packing to move to Boston when she’s summoned to Lionel’s office. Once there Lionel tells her she’s a Devil Girl again but lets her know that she doesn’t want her back but it’s a condition of Derek’s contract. Ahsha makes a deal of her own asking for choreography and she tells her she’ll handle Jelena before dismissing her.

Raquel finds out she has an enlarged heart but is told that with a lifestyle change and medication she can lead a normal life.. She’s also told that she can no longer dance. Raquel doesn’t take the news well but Kyle tells her to get herself together because she’s a Devil Girl whether she dances or not.

Derek returns to practice and lets Zero know that he’s the captain and it’s all in his contract. Jelena and Terrence plan a masquerade party at the Devil’s Playground to announce their engagement. While planning they’re joined by Zero who lets them know that he knows they’re trying to buy the Devils. Jelena asks him what he wants and he tells them that if they actually succeed in buying the team they have to trade Derek. If not he’ll let everyone know what they’re planning. Jelena thinks they should just trade him but Terrence isn’t about to throw his boy under the bus and thinks there’s another way.

Sloane is being held hostage by one of Oscar’s cronies and he tells her that he’s not going to kill her, she’s going to kill herself. He forces her to write a suicide note but she writes for him to go to hell.

Ahsha returns to German’s place and tells him the news, she even tells him that she was able to get his job back. He tells her that he wanted a fresh start but she convinces him staying is a good thing. He tells her he’s not going to stay and watch her fall for Derek again but she assures him that she’s with him an Derek is the past.

Lionel tells Jelena Ahsha’s back on the team in passing and she doesn’t take it that well. She also throws in that she’ll be choreographing as well and Jelena’s head almost explodes. Lionel visits Oscar in jail and he starts telling her what she’s going to do to get the league off his back but she tells him she already signed Derek and gave him the amount he asked for. She tells him that she liquidated an asset, the Hollywood arena development, and Oscar is pissed. She tells him she’s cut him out of the team to keep the league at bay since his going on trial for murder.

Lionel holds a press conference announcing her decision to cut ties with Oscar. Oscar asks Jude to come visit him, which he does, and he immediately starts talking about Lionel. Jude goes off on him and Oscar asks why he came and Jude gives him a picture of him telling him he does have a son and once he acknowledges that then they can talk.

After the Devil Girls perform at the masquerade party Jelena confronts Zero and tells him to keep his mouth shut or he’ll suffer the consequences when they buy the team. He tells her he’s not one of the people afraid of her and all he wants is to make her suffer so it’s trade Derek for his silence. Ahsha thanks Derek for getting her job back and for being a good friend but he tell sher that he doesn’t want to be just her friend.

After threatening to go after Ahsha, Sloane gives in and writes the suicide letter. Her captor pulls out a bag of drugs to make it look like an overdose. When he goes to get the letter she stabs him in the leg with the pen and runs. She calls Pete who comes and picks her up.

Zero asks Jude how it went with Oscar and he tells him. Zero gives him a slick line about thinking about him first all of the time and Jude tells him he’s the only person that makes him feel normal. They disappear into a closet and make out. Afterwards when Zero asks who should leave first Jude freaks out and tells him he’s back to being his secret. He tells him that if he cares about him at all he’ll stay away.

Jackson tells Jelena and Terrence that they can’t go public especially after Lionel’s announcement. Zero goes on stage and is about to spill the beans but Jelena and Terrence interrupt him agreeing that if they buy the team they’ll trade Derek. Raquel tells Ahsha to be careful with German after finding out that Terrence got her her job back. Derek confronts German and tells him that he’s coming for Ahsha.

Some takeaways…

  • It only took three episodes but Ahsha is a Devil Girl again while Raquel is back on the sidelines… how convenient.
  • Still not interested in Kyle’s story line but Bo is back and he’s the secret millionaire who’s backing Fifty Shades of Kyle movie.
  • I was actually liking Derek last season but this season he’s really getting under my skin. I don’t know if that’s what the writers wanted but he’s just violating all kinds of rules and codes.
  • Can Jude get a break this season? I mean damn, he’s been struggling since we were introduced to him. I feel like it’s going to be a lot of back and forth with Zero and I just want Jude to find a decent guy who won’t be ashamed to be with him. But hey, I still do kind of like Zero. I mean, the guys got balls.
  • With Ahsha back on the team that means we’re back to our Ahsha-Jelena war. Jelena just gets so angry with Ahsha and sometimes I’m like is it even that serious? Things are only going to get crazier from here.

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