SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

We’ve reached the end of the season and what we can definitely say is that they didn’t leave us hanging. Although, I do have one piece that could possibly turn into something if we comeback for a season two. Check out my recap below!

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Chief Whitecloud meets with Hap and Annie to tell them that they’re decided not to go with either of them because they want to explore all of their options.

Meanwhile, Jules and Cody are playing undercover detective snatching Hap’s used mug and an unidentified object from Wick to swipe for DNA. They take it to Alex who gets the results which she takes to look over alone. While leaving they pass a woman who goes to the nurse and asks for Jules medical file. Come to find out she’s working for Carla and sends the information over to her.

Billy returns home to find Cody packing and she confronts him about kissing Emma. He tells her he was drunk and mad (typical) and she asks how they got there. He tells her it’s the place and that sometimes he thinks he was happier in Florida. He tells her he wants to go back to that version of them and she tells him they should. He hesitates and tells her he has to tie up some loose ends and she pretty much gives him an ultimatum; meet him the following night at the Tack Room to leave or she’ll leave without him.

Lacey is about to tell Hap about Wick but they’re interrupted by AJ who tells them that he thinks his son has been killed. He plays them audio from their phone conversation when gunshots went off but Hap realizes a noise from a shift change signaling that his son is actually here and not in Saudi Arabia. He calls Tip for help in locating him. He has a SWAT team surround a house and bust in finding A.J.’s contact with a bullet in her head. A.J. runs in hysterical screaming his son’s name and they hear noise upstairs. They go up there and find his son hiding in a closet.

Carla pays Jules a visit confronting her about being pregnant. He offers to pay over 50% to buy the Tack Room and compensate her enough to take care of the baby if she agrees to leave and never come back. She tells her that if Hap finds out about the baby he’ll sue her and win because he hates her and he’s that vindictive.

Cody takes presents to the hospital for the kids and runs into Alex who tells her he’s going to Haiti for Doctors Without Borders and that they need a pharmacist. She tells him she’s leaving with Billy and turns down the offer. Alex decides to pay Billy a visit and tells him how impressed he was with his team’s bid. He tells him that he’s the guy they need but Billy tells him he already promised Cody they were going back to Florida. He asks if he can oversee it from Florida but he tells him if he leaves the deal is off.

Billy asks Wick and Emma what he should do and they both give mixed opinions. Wick gets a message from Annie that she’s decided to partner with Hap and Billy goes to them and tells them about the deal. He tells them the deal is dead but Hap tells Annie he’s not going to let him ruin it. Hap goes to Billy’s house and tells him that this place can make dreams come true and the difference between him and everyone else is that they’re still dreaming. Billy tells him dreams change but Hap tells him they’re not that different and when you abandon dreams they stay with you until there’s nothing left. He tells him if Cody loves him she’ll be by his side and if he’s really like him he’ll stay and have it all.

At the Briggs Christmas Eve party it’s a family affair. Billy shows up and tells Hap that he was right and he does want it all. Emma tells Billy he needs to be careful because the guys who want it all sometimes end up with nothing. Hap asks Lacey what she wanted to tell him the other day and he knows it’s about Wick. She starts crying and he realizes that he was the one at the rig. He goes to get his gun out of the safe and pulls Wick aside to talk.

Alex goes to talk to Jules about her pregnancy and on his way out stops to give Cody a plane ticket to Haiti. Jules calls Carla and tells her they need to meet and she agrees to her terms to leave town.

blood oil chace crawford 110 departures
Hap gives him a speech about how he hasn’t been a good father and tells him, while pulling out his gun, that he needs to explain how he could put a gun to his face. Wick finally admits that it was him and asks him what he’s going to do and he tells him that he’s been crying out for his attention and he never gave it to him. He tells him if he did that it was because he pushed him into it and he asks him to forgive him. Wick forgives him and they hug it out.

They all sign the deal and Billy leaves to try to convince Cody to stay. Lacey goes outside to get a sweater when she gets snatched by a guy who holds her at gunpoint wanting the USGS report. Billy hears her struggling and goes to fight him off but he gets the upper hand and is about to shoot Lacey when Tip shoots him from behind. Billy wakes up on the couch after being knocked out and freaks out because it’s pass the time he was supposed to meet Cody at the Tack Room.

He tries to call her but she ignores it and he tells Hap and Carla about her plans to leave Rock Springs. He tells them that if Cody leaves then he’s leaving with her and apologizes because it would mean the deal would be off. Hap tells him that’s not true and that Alex tried to use the deal to break up his marriage. Chief Whitecloud called him and agreed to give them the deal with no strings attached. He tells him that he’ll be apart of the deal no matter where he is and they leave to try to find Cody before she leaves.

Jules meets with Wick and tells him that she’s pregnant and that it’s his. She gives him the paternity results and she tells him that she wants to leave and start fresh. She tells him they can go anywhere and asks him to just say yes and he does. Meanwhile, Billy gets to the Tack Room and finds it empty. He thinks he blew it but Cody walks in and they leave Rock Springs together.

Some takeaways…

  • Pretty sure this was the series finale and not the season finale. They wrapped this up with a pretty little bow. Not going to lie, if Cody would’ve left with Alex I would’ve been mad. Y’all already know how I felt about them trying to break them up in the first place. Also, what if the baby is really Hap’s? Alex did end up giving her two results so she could’ve gave Wick the one she got initially which was wrong.
  • Lets dish out a little good and bad, shall we? The good: the premise was interesting, quite a few likable characters and we got an actual ending.
  • The bad: very cliche, unnecessary plot points and too many throwaway characters. All in all, if we weren’t to get a season two I wouldn’t throw a fit. If we were to get a season two I’m not sure how much they’d have to give us that would be quality content.

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