SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

There’s only one episode left and then… I have no idea. In the meantime, everyone seems to be losing it as the pressures of the oil industry starts to make folks forget their morals. Here’s the recap!

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Hap visits Carla in jail and lets her know that the feds have a recording of her talking to … but they’re working on getting her out while he’s working on finding out who planted the bug. Wick is pissed because the feds arrested Carla but they tell him they’re pretty much done with him. He gets a call from Cody telling him Jules is in the hospital.

AJ tells Hap that they checked the house and didn’t find a bug so he runs it over himself and finds the cloned phone. He then realizes that Jules switched the phones. We find out that Annie is working with the feds trying to get the USGS report before it goes into evidence and her biggest stipulation was that they not involve Wick.

Over at the hospital Hap walks into Jules room to find Wick and Jules tells Hap everything; about the Wick having her bug him and that she knows about his many women. She then dismisses them and Hap confronts Wick about working with the feds. He blows up on him and tells him he sabotaged his relationship with Jules but Hap tries to tell him their relationship started way before him. Wick is over it and asks him how he’s going to feel once Lacey finds out and tells him he only cares about oil.

Wick goes to Billy’s house where he, Emma and Annie are meeting to tell his mother he wants in. They ask him if he knows anything about the USGS survey, he tells them he doesn’t but Annie assures them they will find out another way. Hap tells Lacey that Wick was the mole and about his involvement with Jules. He then tells her he was involved with the rig fire and tells her the feds gave him immunity for working with them. She tells him that doesn’t prove anything and she’s going to prove he had nothing to do with it.

Annie gets hold of the recording of Carla and plays it for her telling her that if she gets the USGS report for her she’ll get her out of jail.

After talking to Jules Cody decides to go home and talk to Billy. She finds him there with Emma who Billy never mentioned previously and she’s pissed he never did. He thinks she’s blowing things out of proportion but she tells him they’re broken because he keeps lying and walks out. Lacey meets with Wick and asks him about the rig fire and he gets pissed because he believes he’s taking Hap’s side and leaves. Carla returns home and Hap wants to know how she got out. She tells him a lie but he asks her if she cut a deal. She tells him she didn’t and that they just want him to turn on her. He believes her and tells her that he’s going to move quickly on drilling at McCutching. Come to find out the biggest plot of oil is on Black Elk Reservation and know both Briggs Oil and Team Annie plan to meet with Chief Elaine Whitecloud to be the only people who can drill there.

Jules takes Cody out to take her mind off of Billy where they run into Dr. Alex who was pretty much an ass to her earlier in the hospital. Billy walks in and sees Cody and tries to talk to her and plead his case. She’s still not having it and tries to convince her when Alex steps in. She tells him she needs air and invites Alex to join her. In a private room Hap and Annie run into each other while both trying to meet with Chief Whitecloud. They tell her how much oil is under the reservation and they both try to plead their case. Chief Whitecloud tells them they have to wait for her son to show and Wick walks in. Meanwhile Cody and Billy take this time to divulge the marriage problems to other people (Alex and Emma). Alex tells Cody not to give up on her marriage while Emma tells Billy to think about himself. Emma then kisses him as Cody and Alex walk in and see them. Alex tries to tell her that it could all be a misunderstanding but Cody isn’t convinced. She returns to Jules and finds out that she got news that she’s pregnant but she doesn’t know who the father is.

Lacey finds out that AJ was on the scene during and rig fire and has photos. She studies them and sees one of the man wearing a watch that belonged to her grandfather. Annie and Hap call in their entire team and Chief Whitecloud walks in soon followed by her son who happens to be Alex.

Some takeaways…

  • I knew they were going to go here the moment Emma popped on the scene. That was the one story line I prayed they wouldn’t do because actual, functioning relationships do exist TV writers. That’s like the oldest cop-out to me; lets just f- up this perfect relationship right quick. As if the shittyness of the Hap-Wick-Jules triangle isn’t enough.
  • I’m still liking Annie. She gives the show a good dose of snideness and it’s very welcomed. I look forward to seeing her and Wick’s relationship while also seeing that deal she made with Carla blow up in Carla’s face. I still am not a Carla fan and I think it’s mostly because they haven’t really revealed her motives for always going after Lacey.
  • Since we’re talking about Lacey, why is she here? I really feel like she’s an afterthought and now we have to see her be made at Wick and side with Hap because he tried to kill him.
  • This show is very predictable; I mean it’s your standard primetime soap. With that being said, Alex is going to go with Briggs Oil because Billy kissed Emma. Jules is going to hide her pregnancy from Hap and Wick but it’s going to end up being Wick’s baby (y’all already know how I feel about TV babies/pregnancies). Hap is going to find out about Carla’s deal with Annie. Billy and Emma are going to mess around and Cody is going to eventually get with Alex. Have I covered everything?
  • The good news is that episode 10 is the season finale. The bad news is that if this doesn’t get renewed we could be left on a major cliffhanger.

Were you surprised by anything that happened this episode? Let me know below and on Twitter!

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