SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

After a little bit of a break we are back and things are heating up (a teensy bit) as the feds get closer to pinning Hap down. We’ve got Annie Briggs in town stirring up trouble of her own and Carla running around being sneaky per usual. It’s all in the recap below!

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Annie confronts Hap after getting an email telling her that the land she just bought is dry. She wants a copy of the report the feds believe he has but he tells her that he doesn’t have it. Hap gets a call from Tip who tells him that there’s a mole in his company working with the feds. Tip then pays Billy a visit after getting a call that Gary said his name before going into cardiac arrest. Billy tells him he doesn’t know anything. Cody overhears and tells Billy she wants to know why Gary said his name. He lies to her again and instead tells her about the deal he made with Annie Briggs.

Carla thinks they should cancel the Briggs anniversary party until they find out who the mole is but Hap has her round up his employees. Once there he tells them that he’s being falsely accused and he knows there’s a mole and they will be be checked for wires before leaving. Wick gets out by the skin of his teeth after destroying the wire and tossing it in a plant. He runs into his mother at the bar who tries to convince him to work for her but he tells her that he can’t.

A.J. tells Lacey he believes Wick is the mole after finding the bug he tossed and tells her that he came to her so that she can protect him. Meanwhile, Billy meets with Wick freaking out about Gary but Wick tells him he needs to stay calm. Billy goes to the hospital and is about to shutdown Gary’s machines when Tip shows up. He tells him his suspicions about Billy putting Gary in the hospital. Billy tells him that if he had put him in there he would’ve finished the job and no one would have been able to find him.

Back at the Briggs residence Carla gets a visit from a jumpy Myron who’s had a visit from the feds. She tells him there are four Briggs and she can pin everything on one of the kids if it comes down to it. Wick goes back to the feds and tells them that it’s not going to be easy getting Hap to confess and tries to get them to extend the deal to Billy but they aren’t going.

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Billy returns home to find Cody talking to Annie who’s there to tell him about the land being dry but that there’s a bigger fish at play. She tells him that they’re going to the Briggs anniversary.

Jules finally gets Wick in person and apologizes about being with Hap. He tells her about the feds investigating Hap and asks her if she wants in. She tells him she does and he tells her that she needs to get him over there, distract him and switch his phone with a bugged phone; which she successfully does. Wick returns to get his tux and Jules tries to tell him she still wants him but he quickly shuts that down and calls her a whore. He also tells her not to go tell Hap because she’s the one who switched the phones.

Cody finds out that Gary is awake and confronts him in his hospital room. She tells him that she lost her baby and asks him why he said Billy’s name. He tells her everything that happened when Wick and Billy chased him and ho he did nothing when he fell off the cliff and begged for help.

At the party, Lacey tries to talk to Wick about working with the feds but he tells her he’s fully invested in their family. Lacey confronts A.J. and tells him that her brother isn’t the mole and he goes and pulls Annie aside to talk to her. Meanwhile, she goes to Hap to get him to dance and he takes off his coat with his phone in it and has it taken to his room. Cody arrives at the party and tells Billy that she talked to Gary and tells him everything what he said. Billy tells her he’s lying but she wants him to go to the hospital and tell him to his face. They get to the hospital but Tip stops them and tells them that Gary died. He asks Cody what he told her but she tells him that he just apologized about what happened and didn’t tell her about what happened to him the day he fell. Back home, Cody tells Billy that she’s going to stay with Jules because she needs time; she doesn’t know if he did what Gary said he did. Cody gets to Jules place to find her passed out after overdosing on alcohol and prescription drugs.

Myron tells Carla that the mole is at the party and she goes to Hap and tells him that they could give the feds one of the kids. Hap isn’t for this idea and tells her that if she thinks about throwing one of her kids under the bus she’ll be his second ex-wife. Annie pulls Wick to the side and tells him that A.J. told her he’s the mole and he tells her that he’s going down and that’s all that matters for him. Carla pulls Myron into their bedroom and tells him that he needs to backdate the logs to make it look like Lacey came to him and if he doesn’t he’ll go down to. The feds overhear this and converge on the house arresting Carla and Myron.

Some takeaways…

  • Pretty sure Hap knows Wick was the mole. Poor Wick, his plans just don’t seem to work out the way he wants them to.
  • So Gary is dead. It’s a little suspect seeing how calm Wick was throughout this episode… but hey he did have a branch go through his body.
  • Pretty sure Jules is going to make it but everything that’s happened to her is her fault. She’s the one who slept with Hap behind Wick’s back. Did she really expect him to just welcome her back with open arms? Yea, don’t see where that would’ve happened ever.
  • I’m really liking Annie Briggs. Her comebacks are phenomenal and she brings some much needed umph to this series.
  • Speaking of this series, not quite sure if we’ll be getting a season 2. We do know that we’re only going to get 13 episodes. Do I want a season 2? If it was a short season like this one I would watch it but I wouldn’t throw a fit if it was cancelled. So much has happened within these eight episodes I just feel like we could’ve done without a lot of it.

Do you think Jules will make it? Do you want a season 2? Let me know below and on Twitter!

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