SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

We finally meet Hap’s first wife Annie Briggs and see Carla make some big moves. Actually, everyone is making big moves that result in them looking out for themselves. I mean, should we expect anything more? Here’s my recap!

blood oil 107 fight flight
Wick stops by the Lefever’s to talk to Billy, while also giving Cody flowers. Wick is freaking out because he hasn’t heard any news about Gary but Billy tells him to stay chill because there’s no way it could fall back on them. Meanwhile a coupe of runners find Gary in the woods and low and behold, he’s still alive.

Clifton and Emma track Billy down and tells him about an opportunity that could change his life. They tell him about some land around McCutching and that they have a possible investor who just happens to be Hap’s first wife Annie Briggs. She wants to meet Billy face to face in Houston that day before she’ll agree to invest.

Wick gets called to the sheriff’s station to talk to the FBI who tell him that they believe Hap was the recipient of a stolen USGS document. They want his cooperation in getting his confession but Wick tells them to stuff it just before they threaten to work with Tip to close any open case that may involve Wick.

Hap pulls everyone together and tells them that the Feds are investigating him and he tells them that he’s making sure they’re covered. He wants them to make sure they don’t have any people willing to talk while he and Wick will go to all of the rigs to make sure their papers are clean.

Wick goes to Jules place and she confronts him with the clothes she found that she believes he wore the night during the rig fire. He tells her he was angry at the time and no one was supposed to be there; it was an accident. She tells him he could’ve killed his own father but he tells her that night changed him and made him realize he wants to be a better man. She’s not convinced because he lied to everyone but he tells her he loves her and wants to start over. She tells him she’s not starting over and kicks him out.

Jules calls Hap telling him he needs her so he sends Wick to Austin on his own. Carla overhears the call and asks if he wants company since he tells her it’s Walt but he tells her he doesn’t and that there’s some business for her to take care of. She looks into his phone records and does a reverse lookup of his last call and it comes up as Jules.

Cody goes to the hospital to give one of the nurses flowers when Gary get rolled in. She notices him and has the nurse call Tip IDing him as the person who attacked her. Tip shows up and tells her it’s a coincidence that he rolls in there half dead after attacking her but she tells him that the nurses said it was an accident.

Billy and Emma go to Houston to meet Annie who invites them to a charity gala. After getting off the plane Billy gets a call from Cody who he lies to about his whereabouts. She asks him about the guy who attacked her but he tells her he’s long gone so not to worry about it. She tells him they’ll talk about it when he gets him.

As Wick is leaving to check on the rigs Carla stops him and tells him that he needs to stand up for himself to Hap and tells him he needs to tell him that he’s ready to take on more responsibility. She tells him about a lunch meeting he has (with Jules no less) and tells him he needs to go there and tell him right away.

Hap goes to see Jules who tells him she broke things off with Wick because he lied to her. He asks her what he lied about and she tells him it doesn’t matter. As they’re talking in her office with the blinds open Wick arrives and sees them leave it together going into the apartment. He goes up there and sees them making out.

blood oil 107 fight flight
Hap later meets with Tip who tells him the feds went to Wick but he turned them down. He tells him to keep an eye on him in case they try to go after him again. Back in Houston, Billy and Emma meet Annie and give her their proposal but she declines to invest because she’s over trying to take down Hap. Feeling defected Billy tries to figure out why she would bring them all the way there if she was going to say no. Emma tells him she could’ve changed their mind when they were on the plane and he confronts Annie and asks her if Hap scared her away or did she get cold feet. She tells him she learned to take the high road and he tells her that he believes she’s still in love with him and doesn’t want to experience losing him all over again.

Hap returns to the third degree from Carla who tells him Wick was looking for him but he tells her he didn’t see him all day. She calls Wick and asks him if he saw Hap but he lies and tells her that he went to check on the rigs and he’s just going to deal with Hap the way he would deal with him. He’s actually meeting with the FBI to work with them in getting Hap imprisoned.

Billy returns home to Cody sitting up waiting for him and she tells him they found Gary and he’s in the hospital. He asks what happened and she tells him he was found at the base of a cliff. She asks him if he did anything to him and he tells her he had nothing to do with it. She goes up to bed and he calls Wick and tells him about Gary. Wick stops by and tells him they don’t have anything to worry about because his nurse friend told him he won’t make it through the night. Billy then tells him that he’s going to work for Hap but he tells him to trust him that now is not the best time to work for his father. As Wick’s leaving Billy gets a call from Annie.

Wick goes to Jules and confronts her about sleeping around with Hap. She tries to lie her way out but he tells her he saw them. She tries to explain but Wick lays down some truth and tells her that there have been many before her and he was screwing her to get to him.

Billy stops by to see Hap and tells him that he’s not accepting his offer because he doesn’t fully trust him. He then tells him about his new business partner just as Annie walks in. She tells him she brought the land next to McCutching and as they’re leaving Hap stops Billy and wishes him luck because he’s going to need it.

Some takeaways…

  • I didn’t mention that Cody caught Kess selling drugs from the food truck and he and Ada left and went back home. Not quite sure why we even had the story line continue after Billy and Cody initially met the Ezes. It was really just a waste of screentime since it didn’t really add anything.
  • Glad to see Emma gone even though I’m sure she’ll be back next week. I feel like they’re trying to leave breadcrumbs for a possible affair or “accidental kiss” between her and Billy and I’m not here for it. I feel like that would be so cliche and we already have enough in the show to last us to the series finale, literally. Let Billy actually be the one non-cheating guy on the show.
  • Again, I say this every week, but Hap is dirty. I really do feel bad for Wick and at the end of the day he’s unlucky SOB with a shitty father. Still rooting for him even though I think his plan to work with the FBI is going to blow up in his face. Also, kudos to him for telling Jules how it is because she deserved that truth.

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