SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

Things are getting extra dirty on Blood & Oil. Between the coverups, the murder and the down right backstabbing– I don’t know where we’re going to end up by the end of this season. Did Cody and baby Lefever survive? That result plus more in the recap below!

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Hap and Carla show up at the hospital and tell Billy that they plan to take care of all of Cody’s medical bills. They stay with him throughout the night when Jules and Wick show up the following morning. Wick gets a call from Gary who’s pissed that he was trying to set him up but Wick tells him he didn’t. He then finds out that Gary is the one who attacked Cody. Hap and Jules are left alone and we find out that Jules is the one who called Hap to come back from his weekend getaway to help out with Cody.

They get news that both Cody and the baby got through the surgery fine. She awakes to find everyone surrounding her in the room and Hap asks her if she saw who attacked her and she tells them she did. Billy thanks Hap for stepping in and helping because the doctor is the one who saved Cody’s life. He tells him he’d do anything to pay him back and Hap tells him to come work for him because he’s about to make the biggest deal of his life. Emma overhears and confronts Billy about it but he tells her that he’s the reason Cody pulled through. She tries to convince him that he’s playing him but he tells her his focus at the moment is on Cody and the baby.

Wick freaks out on Gary because Cody can identify him but Gary reminds him that they’re in it together revealing a recording of him pretty much confessing. He tells him wants pills and cash or he’s handing it over. Meanwhile, Carla confronts Jules about sleeping around with Hap and asks if he loves her. She tells him he did but it’s over now but Carla tells her she needs to be more convincing so he knows he’s done with her. She even threatens to tell Wick if she doesn’t.

AJ is informed he has 36 hours to get them the real report on the McCutching land, threatening his son. He goes to Hap who tells him he’s not going to give him the real report because he believes if they know they’ll try to stop him. He comes up with a plan to make it looks like he’s drilling for natural gas, not oil and tells AJ and Lacey they need to figure out their issues so they can work together.

Wick gets the pills from an old acquaintance he runs into at the hospital who’s a nurse and runs into Tip talking to Billy. Tip asks him about Gary but he tells him he hasn’t heard from him. Tip tells him the longer he’s out there the more dangerous it is for everyone. Billy asks Wick what that was about and Billy tells him it was nothing. They make amends then share a drink outside talking about how Billy could’ve lost everything. When he goes back in Cody’s been wheeled into surgery after going unconscious and she ends up losing the baby.

Wick goes to Lacey and asks her if he’s a good person and she asks where this is coming from. He tells her that his whole life he’s screwed up every opportunity given to him and she tells him he’s way too hard on himself. She asks him what he’s done that so bad and asks her what if he could do one thing to make all of the bad stuff go away. She asks him what he’s planning and he tells her nothing but she tells him if he needs anything she’s there.

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Cody is ready to talk to Tip and he shows her six photos. She points out Gary immediately and he tells them who he is. Billy goes to Wick asking about Gary and he tells him he knows he attacked Cody. Wick tells him he doesn’t want to get mixed up with him and tells him not to let him push him over the line. He tells him to let him take care of it but Billy storms out.

AJ and Lacey are able to work together but she finds out that he’s still married. He tells her divorce is complicated in Saudi Arabia and she’s not him before they kiss. He takes the photos to his contact and tells her about the gas and that he’s not doing anything else until she lets him speak to his son.

Jules has a meltdown moment and breaks Hap’s latest gift. As she’s cleaning up she finds Wick’s hidden mask and calls Hap. She tells him that Carla told her to break it off but he asked him there to talk about Wick. Instead of talking she takes off her clothes and tells him they need to be more careful. He returns home and tells Carla it’s over and she forgives him.

Wick takes the pills to Gary and pulls his gun out on him. Gary tries to plead his case to him but he tells him he’s too dangerous but before he can pull the trigger Billy shows up. As Wick is trying to get him to leave Gary escapes through the window and they chase after him into the woods. Gary falls over a cliff and ends up with a branch through his chest. Billy tries to call for help but Wick stops him and tells him to just walk away.

They return to the hospital and Cody tells Billy to let the police handle it. He goes back outside and he and Wick agree to keep their story tight and take what happened in the woods to the grave. Meanwhile Clifton reaches out to Hap’s ex to make a proposition about possibly helping Billy take down Hap.

Some takeaways…

  • Initially when we first find out the baby is still alive I was like are you serious, they really want this baby story line to happen. But when we get the scene later on when Cody is being wheeled to the operating room I knew the baby was gone. I mean, it’s season one people. We can’t have a baby tagging along so early in the game for the writers to forget about.
  • I’m still not really feeling the AJ and Lacey storyline. With everything else going on, and there’s way too much, I feel like that story is a throwaway.
  • Hap is still the most despicable character on the show and I honestly don’t think that will change anytime soon, if ever. Excited to see his ex make an appearance and hopefully bring some much needed revenge-iness (who doesn’t love a revenge angle?).
  • Glad Gary is dead. While he may be dead I’m pretty sure that storyline is going to linger but hopefully not as much as it has in previous episodes. I mean, I’m more team Wick than team Hap. You can’t help but to sort of kind of root for the guy.
  • So a little news about the show. The season has been trimmed to 10 episodes instead of 13. What does this mean? We won’t know for sure for a little bit but the series could be in trouble. Nothing is solid until they officially announce a cancellation.

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