SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

The thing about Blood & Oil is that you either like a character or you don’t; there’s not really that in between. There’s at least two that I don’t like after tonight I think they’re permanently on that list. Here my recap below!

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Billy and Cody get the baby checked and find out that they’re having a boy. Billy just wants the baby to proud of him and she assures him that he’ll eventually make it when a tanker truck passes and he gets an idea.He calls Clifton to tell him about his idea to move oil with tanker trucks to make money in the meantime but when he goes to visit him he finds out he had a heart attack. He visits him in the hospital and Clifton tells him it’s a good idea but starting a new business is a young man’s game. He tells him he doesn’t need him he just needs leverage to beat Hap and to beat him he has to be him.

Hap makes the announcement that Lacey is sticking around to help out with the business while Wick was expressing to Lacey that he was finally getting along with Hap. Hap asks Carla if the missing money ever showed up from the party because he thinks Wick is behind it, including the robbery, and plans to go to someone who will have the answers. He goes to see Tip and asks him if he believes Wick was apart of the robbery. Tip tells him that officially he doesn’t have the evidence to charge Wick but father to father he knows more than what he’s telling.

The driller quit work on the rig due to Wick being an asshole and just as he thinks things can’t get worse Garry shows up after getting into a car accident. He tells him he needs twenty thousand more dollars or he’ll tell them it was his idea to kill the guy and Wick agrees to get him a couple of thousand dollars.

Cody and Jules run into Carla while out shopping and is talking about her trip to Big Sur when Jules gets a text from Hap. She goes to see him and he has a gift for her that he got while on his weekend trip to Big Sur with Carla. He tells her he wants to talk and tells her of his suspicions that Wick was apart of the robbery. Jules thinks he’s just trying to drive her and Wick apart but Hap tells her he’s not and she kicks him out of her apartment. Cody shows up to get an opinion about dresses for her house warming party and sees the gift in the trash with Big Sur on it (convenient) and makes the connection that Jules is messing around with Hap.

Wick goes to Tip and tells him that Garry threatened him into giving him an alibi and throws Garry under the bus, blaming him for the robbery and killing the guy. He then tells him about his plans to meet Garry the next day and wants to know if there’s a solution that works for the both of them. Tip tells his partner that once Garry finds out Wick ratted him out he’ll role back on Wick and he’ll catch his killer and then Wick.

Cody returns home and tells Billy how much she’s thankful for who he is then asks him if he think Hap and Jules is having an affair. She lays out all of her evidence and he tells her it’s not about the secret it’s what you do with it.

Hap shows up at the rig and is angry about the workers losing a half day but Lacey tells him everything is fixed and tells him it’s because of Wick. She tells Wick that they should be looking out for each other and he thanks her for seeing him for who he could be. Meanwhile, Billy meets with Hap and tells him that he knows he’s been sleeping with Jules. He tells him he wants his 5% of McCutching play back or they’ll add Carla to the conversation. Hap thinks he wants to be partner but Billy sets him straight and tells him he wants a cash advance and when it’s online he wants the royalties put into a trust for his kids. Hap calls Carla in and tells him to tell Carla what he has to say but when she comes he tells her it was a mistake and leaves.

Cody goes and talks to Jules and tells her that she knows about her affair with Hap. Jules tells her she’s wrong and she tells her she saw the gift. She tells her that she broke things off but he won’t let things go. As they’re talking she gets a call from Hap who tells her that Billy told him he knew about them. Cody is pissed and Billy tells her he was just trying to win against Hap for once but the damage has already been done and she’s lost the one friend she had.

Hap talks to Lacey and tells her that she can’t keep covering for Wick. She tells him that he just wants to make him proud and he tells her that a lot has changed since she’s been gone and it won’t be an easy fix. He confides in her that the McCutching play is much bigger than anyone knows and that he needs his best and brightest around which doesn’t include Wick.

Wick tries to setup Garry but he hears the interference from his wire and tells him he’s coming for him so he better watch his back before escaping. Carla flat out asks Hap who he’s messing around with because she knows that what Billy was too weak to tell her and he straight out lies to her face and tells her there’s no one else.

At the house warming party, Ada gives Billy some advice about finding his way and tells him that he should tell his wife that he feels a little lost. He runs to tell her but as she’s closing the drugstore Garry shows up and takes all of the cash register money and pills for his arm. She goes to press the alarm and he notices the throws her on the ground and repeatedly kicks her. Billy shows up as Garry is escaping and finds Cody unconscious on the ground.

Some takeaways…

  • Garry needs to go. What man just brutally beats a girl two times smaller than him. I’m pretty sure she’s going to lose the baby which is not surprising seeing as the show just started and it was kind of early to loop in a pregnancy storyline. Hopefully she and Billy will recover from this and continue to have a strong bond (someone’s relationship needs to).
  • Hap is a lying piece of crap and it looks like Carla is well aware of it. It also looks like she confronts Jules in the next episode and I’m looking forward to that. That’s saying much seeing as I don’t really like Carla (although they haven’t really told me why I shouldn’t) and I’m still waiting for the story between her and Lacey.
  • Wick is just going to be that character who can’t win. Everything he does ends up turning out 20 times worse than he expected. First the rig, then trying to be apart of the family business and now trying to set up Garry.He’s the tortured soul we silently root for but after this episode I might not be on that train anymore.
  • Didn’t really mention the Ada/Kess/Finn storyline but it just seems like it’s tacked on. Finn is dirty but we gathered that from the first episode he appeared in. Kess should be smarter than to think that he won’t sink his business (and possibly go to jail) by selling drugs on the food truck. This is just a huge nightmare waiting to happen.

Do you think Cody lost the baby? Should Wick come clean about everything to Hap? Let me know below and on Twitter!


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