SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

Oh boy, we’ve got backstabbing, backstabbing and more backstabbing this episode and it’s all in the name of oil… or love or lust. Tip is hot on Wick’s tail and Billy’s looking to take down Hap. It’s all in the recap below!

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Wick tells Jules he’s going to throw a birthday party for her but she asks him about if he was with Gary the night he stole the oil. He tells her that he was with him at the bar but left once he reached his limit. Sheriff Tip discovers that the guy who was murdered was trying to call the tip line that night. He asks Gary about it and tells him his suspicions but Garry continues to play mum just before he’s saved by his attorney. He has to release him since he doesn’t have anything to charge him with but he notices that Garry said he wasn’t one of the dudes who robbed the rig meaning he had a partner.

Carla tells Wick how proud she and Hap are of him. He asks if Hap’s said anything about how Jules isn’t good enough for him then tells her about the party for Jules. She tells him to text her the guest list and she’ll handle everything.

Meanwhile, Billy and Cody are trying to recover from their deal gone wrong with Hap and she signs him up for an interview.Billy heads to the open interview but there’s a long wait. Billy leaves and goes to see Clifton for help since he knows the oil business. He asks him to teach him and promises to get everything back that Hap took from them. Clifton isn’t going and tells him that at the moment he hates him more than Hap.

Jules doesn’t like being the other woman to Hap but he tells her that this is as real as it gets. He then gives her an early birthday present, a necklace, before telling her that he’s never going to let her go again. Back at the rig, Tip shows up to tell Wick that Gary is the one who robbed the rig and he tells him that he needs him to account for the entire night. Hap interrupts and Tip tells him that there are two suspects and that one is an acquaintance of his son. Wick leaves and he asks if he has any leads and he tells him he’s getting closer everyday.

Billy meets Clifton’s granddaughter Emma who tells him that he wants to apologize. He goes back to his house and Clifton tells him about how he met and became partners with Hap. He screwed him over in a deal with his share being practically nothing due to small print that was on the contract. He tells him that he’s going to help him but he needs land but he’s broke. He asks about the money he gave him but it’s all Clifton has and Emma isn’t for it but Clifton goes all in.

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Carla finds Hap in his office and he tells her she may have been right about Wick. He tells her about what Tip found out but she tells him that doesn’t mean he was involved. She then tells him about her plans to help Wick throw Jules a birthday party and that it will be at their house that night. Hap pays Gary a visit and asks him if Wick was with him that night. Gary tells him neither of them were at the rig and Hap pulls out a gun and asks him one more time but Gary insists they weren’t there and he warns him that if he finds out he was lying he’s going to come for him and he won’t hear him coming.

The next day Gary tells Wick what happened and that Hap is more interested in his son but if he finds out he lied he’s going to kill him. Wick tells him he needs to disappear but Gary tells him he needs money to do that. Over at the auction Billy, Clifton and Emma have their eyes set on one particular piece of land. The bid hits 100,000 which is over their budget but Clifton tells them to go $110,000. They put in the bid but are outbid by an online bidder who happens to be Hap and he rubs it in Billy’s face. Billy heads to his house and tells him that he has everything and won’t let anyone else have anything which is why half the town hates him. Hap tells him for every gusher there are a thousand dry holes and for every him there are a million Billys.

Hap sends Jules a text telling her to cancel the party and he’ll make it up to her. She tries to get out of it but Wick tells her that she’s not getting out of it. He notices her necklace and asks her where she got it and she lies and tells him she bought it for herself. Meanwhile, Cody tries to convince Billy to go to the party to support Jules but he refuses because he doesn’t want to be anywhere near Hap.

At the party Hap asks Wick about Gary and he tells him he’s stopped hanging around with him. Wick then steals the money that Carla was going to use to pay the caterers and gives it to Gary. He returns in time to sing happy birthday while AJ sneaks into Hap’s office to steal the copy of the USGS survey that Van Ness gave him 36 hours to retrieve. Wick then give a toast and tells the crowd how he was given a gift that he he will never squander and Jules leaves to get air. Cody follows her out and tell she she needs to let go of the guy who still has her head and hold on to the one who’s toasting her.

Lacey confronts AJ because she’s made him and Hap also shows up. He tells them that he needs to hand over the information or they’ll kill his son and Hap gives him a fake file and tells him he still works for him but as an inside man. Hap tells Lacey that she’s ready to work for him and asks her to come work for him but he and the company needs her. As he’s going to get another drink he finds the necklace that he gave Jules hanging on one of the bottles.

Some takeaways…

  • Not going to lie, I’m not really feeling the AJ story line. It could get better but at the moment it’s a bit of a snore.
  • I would still love to know what exactly happened between Carla and Lacey because they’re both steady throwing dagger eyes.
  • Hap is a horrible person. There is absolutely nothing to like about him. He’s so vindictive but in some circumstances he doesn’t need to be. He got what he wanted from Billy in the last episode so what’s they point of being an ass going forward. He wants his son to be a certain way but he’s creeping behind his back with his girlfriend. I just don’t like him.
  • We got another new character tonight and I’m hoping that they don’t try to make something happen between her and Billy. We already have one philanderer, we don’t need another. You can have a good show that includes a solid relationship. If they go that route you’re forewarned that I’m going to go all the way off.

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