SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

With a daddy like Hap who needs morals… or sanity. Things are heating up and it looks like it’s going to be Lefever versus Briggs which I think could be good TV. Before we can get there we have to look at how we got here and it’s in the recap below!

blood oil hustle flow chace crawford
Wick is having nightmares from the guilt he’s carrying around almost killing his father but he keeps it from Jules. Hap still doesn’t believe that Wick could steal from him and put a gun in his face and decides to remind him what it means to be his son by bringing him back into the fold. He also wants Lacey to sit in on the McCutching deal to learn about the business while she’s home much to Carla’s dismay.

Billy and Cody are settling into their new house but Billy is still have second thoughts about backing out of the deal with Hap. He talks with Hap and finds out that he already finished the deal and sold for three times the amount. Meanwhile Garry wants to get rid of the oil but Wick thinks it’s too soon to try to move it because Tip is still looking for them. Jules drops Wick off to work with his father while Hap questions Wick about how serious his relationship is with her. He then shows him a piece of land, Koala One, he purchased the day he was born that was supposed to be his own rig.

Garry is speeding in the stolen tanker and goes right pass Tip and it turns into a mini car chase. He tries to get a look at the driver but Garry to runs him off the road. The Briggs celebrate with drinks and things get a little feisty between Lacey and Carla. Wick gets a call from Garry telling him he sold the oil but he tells him to keep it since he’s working with his father now. Billy tries to get in on the new rig between Hap and Wick but Wick isn’t too keen with this idea. Billy tells him he doesn’t want to come between him and his father he just want to become a potential investor. He then tells him he wouldn’t be there if Hap didn’t want him there so his problem should be with his father and not him. The tussle (once again) and Wick loses (once again) and tells him to leave.

He goes back to where Hap is and he asks him what happened but he tells him nothing then tells him that he thought this was supposed to be a project for just the two of them. Hap tells him they are bringing it online together but he will deal with capitalizing it. Wick thinks he should have a say in who’s involved but Hap tells him hell no; this is supposed to be his second chance and he blew it.

Hap goes to see Jules to talk about how he treated her four years ago. They pretty much fooled around for two years and then he went off to New York for a month and returned married to Carla. He apologizes and tells her that she’s something important to him and she tells him to leave (as she should). She then turns around and calls him while he’s at a business meeting telling him that she needs him (stupid girl).

Carla tries to play nice and invite Lacey to New York but she declines and tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about her dropping out of school and coming to work for the family business. She then goes out into the garage where she finds AJ, who’s getting soil samples off of the tires of a truck, who distracts her by pulling her in for a kiss.

Cody goes to see Jules for help in finding a place for the Ezes to open their restaurant. After not finding any suitable places Cody comes up with the idea that they should buy a food truck. Jules and Cody introduce them to Finn, a restaurant owner from Chicago, who will become their new partner.

blood oil hustle flow chace crawford
Billy meets with Hap and hands over everything they have to get in on Koala One but Hap says the starting price is $500,000. Billy decides to do a trade handing over his 5% in McCutching plus his $250,000 and Hap agrees. Wick tells Jules that their going to hit on Koala that day and goes to tell Hap but overhears him talking to Tip about finding his tanker. He tells him that once he IDs the driver he’ll have his killer and Hap will have his tanker.

The Briggs and Lefever gather at Koala to watch the hit and Wick apologizes to Billy. They stop by the food truck and see that business is going exceptionally well. We also see something pass between Ada and Finn. Cody sees it too and confronts Finn about it telling him he needs to keep things professional. Back at the rig, they hit and the oil flows for like five seconds then stops. They find out that it was a spike hit which means it was a little pool of oil. Billy asks about his investment and Hap tells him that they’ll use it to continue to dig and maybe they’ll hit something in a couple of years. Billy gets pissed and tells him that he knew it was a dud and played him but Hap tells him he’s the one who asked to get in on the deal. He told him he wanted to learn the oil business and he just learned.

Wick is also pissed and tells Hap that he used him. Hap tells him that he did use him to get McCutching back because he knew the rig would be dry but MuCutchen is worth a trillion dollars. He tells him that he impressed him with Billy and was the bigger man then tells him he wants him as his partner on the McCutching deal. He tells him to be in on the deal he has to be focused and end things with Jules.

Tip IDs Garry as the driver of the tanker and arrests him. Garry calls Wick from jail and tells him that they are going to want him to flip and he knows what will happen when he does. Over at the Lefever’s Billy is wallowing in shame about the deal. Cody tells him that they still have the house and the food truck and it’s just them. He tells her he didn’t see this coming but when the time comes neither will Hap.

Some takeaways….

  • I get it, Wick is his son but Hap is dirty. He knew that Billy handed over his last and they have a baby on the way. I could see if he didn’t suspect the land was dry but he knew weeks in advance and all for Billy’s 5% in McCutching. Pure greed people, pure greed.
  • Wick is still an idiot. I don’t really know how I feel about him (still) but I do know that this is all going to blow up in his face. Better to come clean now than to drag this out. But hey, that’s why this is TV.
  • There are starting to be quite a few story lines. We get Finn tonight which it looks like something might happen between him and Ada, even possibly with Cody (it’s a very small possibly). We also have AJ running around for reasons unknown as of yet. Would love to know what’s going on there. We still have this animosity between Carla and Jules which we have yet to explore. I really, really, really want to know what the deal is between those two. It’s just one big soapy mess.

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