oakley prizm eyewear
If you’re shopping around for new glasses this is definitely the week to check out and pre-order the new Oakley PRIZM. These revolutionary lenses emphasize colors that are the most sensitive in specific sports such as golf, angling, cycling and baseball.

The goal of this collection is to improve athletic performance – the first in the eyewear industry to be built for specific sport use.

I actually am supposed to wear prescription glasses at lease to drive but I’ve been getting more into outdoor sports and these lenses would be perfect for cycling and hiking.

Single vision lenses range from from $276-$322 and progressive lenses range from $379-$494. Pre-order Oakley PRIZM lenses online at Salt City Optics.

Whaat would you do while wearing Oakley PRIZM lenses? Keep the conversation going on Twitter with the hashtag #OakleyPRIZM!

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