SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

It’s all come to this. The series finale of Revenge was titled Two Graves and rightfully so. We’ve all had our predictions on who would die and rather we’d get a happy ending and I’ve got all the finale details in the recap below!

revenge two graves 423 series finale
Emily finds out that Ben is dead but doesn’t want to believe it. Victoria meets with Margaux who tells her that she didn’t want Ben to die and she gives Victoria everything she needs for a new identity. She tells her that Charlotte and Patrick have been invited to the funeral and she can never have contact with them again. We then find out that the corpse Victoria used was her mother.

At Emily’s hearing she tells the judge that she’s guilty of murdering Victoria. David wants to know why she plead guilty and she tells him it’s because Ben is dead. David doesn’t want to give up but Nolan believes she’s genius. He tells Jack that she plead guilty so she could be moved to another facility and they can get her out. That night things go haywire at the prison and Emily takes this opportunity to escape through the vents and meets up with Nolan and Jack with plans to find Victoria.

At Victoria’s funeral Louise gives the a eulogy about how loving and wonderful Victoria was even though she was upset that neither Charlotte or Patrick showed up. Victoria being Victoria showed up at her own funeral where she sat disguised in the backseat.Victoria wants to tell Louise that she’s still alive but Margaux thinks she’s too unstable. Margaux tells her about her escape and Victoria tells her that they have one move left but Margaux wants no part in any other plans. Victoria just wants their hit woman White Gold to catch her and put her back in solitary confinement for good.

Meanwhile, Emily and Jack head to Mary Gaines house where they find out that Mary was actually Victoria’s mother. Jack notices that the floor had been clean and they find blood in the cracks. Nolan tells them about news of her escape trending and tells them to sit tight.  Emily uses this time to discuss her true feelings and she and Jack kiss which quickly leads to the bedroom. Emily wakes up to find a note from Jack who went to get food. She finds a toothbrush with a dentist’s name on it and decides to pay the office a visit.

Louise finds out Victoria is really alive and Victoria asks her to keep up the charade that she’s dead. Nolan has been tracking Margaux’s bank accounts and finds out that Margaux has been paying the hit woman and another large payment had been made. Emily calls Nolan to tell him about the dental records but he tells her she’s in danger and about the hit woman. She wants to go back to save him but they tell her that there calling the police. Jack returns to the house and comes face to face with White Gold and they fight it out before she stabs him. The police show up before she can kill him for good and he’s taken to the hospital.

revenge two graves 423 series finale
Emily gets to the hospital and tells Nolan that she’s not going to put Victoria in jail, she’s going to kill her. Nolan tells her to do it while he takes care of White Gold (I mean, seriously Nolan do you want to die?). They don’t know where to find Victoria but Louise shows up and tells them that she knows where she is. Nolan hacks into Margaux’s computer and taunts her with pictures of a dead Ben. He shows up and tells her that he has proof that she hired the hit woman, killed Ben and has Jack in the hospital in critical condition. Margaux tries to plead her case but he tells her she has a decision to make.

Jack wakes up in the hospital to find David and asks him if he would approve of him marrying Emily when everything is all over and he gives him his blessing. Nolan is at the health club when Margaux sends White Gold to him. She comes in and stabs him in the hand and Margaux shocks her. We find out that he was working with Margaux and she plans to give herself up to the police in honor of Daniel.

Meanwhile, Louise returns to Victoria with Emily in tow who’s ready to kill Victoria. Victoria has installed cameras so that if Emily kills her she’ll go to jail for good. Victoria tells her that she died a long time ago and to do it. Emily is about to kill her but Victoria is shot from another angle. It’s David, who wants to save Emily’s soul. He tells her that it’s over and they go to hug but Emily is shot from behind by Victoria.

We jump a little and David has passed away from cancer after being granted compassionate release. Charlotte is also back as the supportive sister and Nolan walks Emily down the aisle to marry Jack. At the reception they pay homage to those they’ve lost along the way. Following the wedding they set off on their honeymoon on the boat David restored while Emily sends Nolan a gift, a guy who needs help clearing his mother’s name.

Sidenote, we get a scene from when Emily is in the hospital recovering and we find out that Charlotte donated Victoria’s heart to save her. Emily wakes up on the boat with Jack and we’re to believe it was a dream but knowing Revenge I wouldn’t be surprised if that cryptic twist was reality.

Some takeaways…

– Tis the end and there’s not much to say here folks! It’s been a fun, frustrating, heart racing, revenge-y ride and despite all of my many complaints I’ve actually enjoyed everything this series has had to offer. I’m okay with how things ended (as long as there are no spinoffs) and I’m excited to see what the stars of the show do next. Just a tidbit, but Emily VanCamp will return for Captain America: Civil War as Agent 13 Sharon Carter and I cannot wait!

– Other than that, I have enjoyed tweeting with you guys and discussing the show on various blogs. I appreciate you taking the time to read my recaps and rants and hope to read your comments next season because something has to replace Revenge on the blog. Not quite sure what it’ll be yet but it shall be good. Until next time!

What did you think of the finale? Were you satisfied with how things ended? Let me know in the comments!

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