SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

Oh Revenge, how you frustrate me so. I know we’re literally at the end but I was yelling at the screen on numerous occasions because people this is nothing new. You’ve played this game before which is why I don’t understand why they keep making the same mistakes. Read the recap below to see how Emily and co try to get her out of jail.

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Emily is incarcerated and they’re coming after her with a first degree murder charge.  Her lawyer lays out all of the evidence for her and begs her to let him negotiate a deal because it’s not going to go in her favor.At the arraignment Emily is granted bail with strict conditions including having to wear a monitor. Ben tells her he requested to be put on her case to tell her not to plan to break out of the monitor because she will get caught. Meanwhile, Nolan has been tracking Mason through surveillance to locate where he is to corroborate Emily’s story. He’s picked up his image at a trailer park in Stoney Brooke.

Emily’s plan is to catch Mason because she believes he has to have the footage of Victoria’s confession. She doesn’t want Jack or Nolan to go after him so she has Nolan coming up with a way she can leave without triggering the monitor. Jack takes this time to pull her aside to ask if she really came after him at the airport. She tells him that she wants him to stay and she’s doing all of this because she wants them to have a chance. They go to kiss but they’re interrupted by Nolan who needs to switch out the ankle bracelet.

Margaux is doing everything in her power to make sure Emily’s name is dragged through the mud in the press. Louise pays Margaux a visit because Charlotte has sealed off the penthouse and she wants to get in to feel closer to Victoria. Margaux tells her she’ll reach out to see if she can get Charlotte to talk to her. Louise pays Charlotte a visit and she quickly bursts Louise’s bubble telling her how manipulative her mother was. She tells her this isn’t the first time her mother faked her death and tells her that if she stops calling her she’ll give the hotel permission to let her into Victoria’s penthouse.

David wakes up to find Emily getting ready to leave and is pissed. He tells that he’ll go after Mason but she doesn’t want him to because of his health. He tells her that he’s her father and he’s not letting her leave the house but the power goes out for a second which is her signal to leave. She apologizes, puts the faux bracelet on him and leaves.

Jack pays Margaux a visit while she’s having lunch to ask her if she’s suspicious of the evidence surrounding Victoria’s death. Margaux thinks he’s just defending Emily and he tells her to worry about herself but she tells him that he’s being pulled off a cliff. Later that night, David is freaking out about Emily when Ben shows up to check on Emily. David tries to cover for her but he resets her bracelet putting her back online. Emily is searching around the trailer park asking questions and she finds out that Mason left quickly with a woman. She tries to find out more information but multiple police cars show up to arrest her.

David is pissed because Emily has been locked up until her trial and Jack tells him that they need to prove that Victoria and crew set her up. He believes Margaux is in on it because her license plate matches the one who dropped Mason off at the trailer park. Louise goes to Victoria’s penthouse to find Nolan there who tries to convince her that Victoria is crazy and she only saw who she wanted her to be. He tells her that Victoria counted on her blind faith to pull this off but she tells him that she’s the only one who had faith in her.

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David goes to visit Emily and she tells him that she believes Victoria is alive. He tells her that she needs to start with Margaux and tells her about the car. She tells him she needs five minutes with her but David starts have some type of a seizure. He’s taken to the hospital where he’s stabilized while Nolan and Jack seek the help of one of Jack’s old academy friends to help them with Emily’s case.

Margaux goes to leave a jewelry store but the sensors go off. They find stolen jewelry in her bag and Margaux freaks out and smacks the security guy (Jack’s friend) who tells her he’s calling the police. Margaux is taken into custody and won’t be released until the morning and quickly finds herself next to Emily. Emily unlocks her cell and Margaux’s and demands to know who’s body was in her house and where Victoria is. Emily makes a weapon and chokes up Margaux demanding answers before she starts beating her face.

Emily asks Ben to come talk to her and she tells him that Victoria is alive and she switched her dental records with a woman, Mary Gaines, who died a week ago. She apologizes for everything and asks him to trust her. She tells him how everything was planned and that the seed was planted the night she had her interview then goes through step by step how Victoria set her up. Ben doesn’t think she knows how to tell the truth and that she’s spinning her story and he doesn’t believe her.

Back at Victoria’s penthouse, Louise is going through Victoria’s stuff when she finds the hoodie that was allegedly worn by Emily when Victoria was attacked. Louise goes to visit Ben and gives him the hoodie telling him that she found it hidden in a garment bag. Lousie asks him what if Victoria killed herself and set Emily up. Ben goes to check on the body of the woman who died but her body is missing. While Margaux is leaving the precinct Louise sees her and stops her to tell her that she told Ben about Victoria possibly lying to them. Margaux tries to tell her that Nolan is a liar and he planted the hoodie and Louise believes her.

David visits Emily again to tell her that the Lymphoma spread, it’s stage four and he has up to six months to live. Emily tells him that she and Nolan have enough money to build their own lab and makes him promise that that’s what they’ll do if they have to. Ben goes to Mary Gaines house to see if she’s there and breaks in. He here’s the water running and sees Victoria come out of the bathroom but he’s stabbed from behind by the assassin that Margaux’s henchman had hired awhile back for Emily.

Some takeaways…

– So Ben is dead. I knew once he broke into that house that he was dying because he went by himself so if he’s dead there’s no one else to prove that Victoria is still alive. Ben was so disappointing these last few episodes and his death is just like… eh.

– Louise is an idiot. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to make her semi smart. She just easily gives into whatever people tell her without trusting her gut. Like ten people told you that Victoria is manipulative and has done this before but when she finds actual evidence she lets Margaux talk her out of it. Margaux the one who she tried to kill like a few months ago.

– Speaking of Margaux, I still don’t understand why she’s heavily invested in bringing down Emily. Did I miss something? Emily came out and cleared Daniel’s name, Margaux lost her own baby and Victoria is still alive… why is Margaux so mad I don’t get it. I really don’t.

– SPOILERS! Apparently next week’s episode is titled Two Graves which means two people are probably dying. After tonight, I think one of those people is David. The other one, possibly Victoria but I just don’t see them killing Emily. As much as that would be like ‘hey, everything you do has consequences’. A lot of people would be very mad, myself included. I feel like Victoria has gotten away with murder numerous times and if anyone should have to pay for anything she should be the first in line.

– Unless you’ve been living under a rock or missed the preview for the finale, then you know this is officially the end. The series ends next week and I cannot wait to see how they leave us. I have so many expectations but I’m trying to keep them to a minimum because I don’t want to be disappointed.

How do you think this series will end? Who’s going to die? Let me know your thoughts and theories in the comments!

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