SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

Of course if we’re told that we have three episodes left we should suspect that revengey things will be happening. Like a lot of us suspected, it did and I’ve got all of the details in the recap below!

revenge 421 aftermath nick wechsler
Emily returns home to find her house blown the hell up and she goes to stay with her father. The next morning Nolan meets Emily at Grayson Manor and she tells him about getting to Jack’s plane too late but Mason is back and she’s meeting with him that day.The firefighters find a badly burned body but recover a ring which Emily identifies as Victoria’s.

Louise is worried about Victoria because she hasn’t heard from her and wonders if she had anything to do with the fire but Margaux thinks it’s just karma.  Margaux finds a letter from Victoria on her desk and she and Louise read it and it’s pretty much a suicide note. Emily tells David and that she thinks it could be a hoax but Ben bursts that bubble quick telling them the dental records match Victoria’s. He tells them about the suicide note and then asks how she got pass security and she tells him about her stealing information from her. Emily relays the news to Nolan who didn’t see that coming but asks what a world without Victoria looks like and she tells him revenge free. He then tells her about his night with Tony and his plans to take a trip but right after he helps her with Mason.

Meanwhile, over in LA Jack is loving his new start with better weather. While talking with Stevie they see the news about the explosion and Victoria’s death. Jack calls Nolan because he thinks Emily may have been behind it but Nolan assures him that Victoria indeed killed herself. Emily meets with Mason who wants her to help clear him for killing Gordon Murphy. She tells him that she doesn’t want to put herself at risk and offers to give him a new life. Mason isn’t here for it and threatens to release a book exposing all of her lies and gives her two days to clear his name.

Emily asks Nolan if its possible to create phony documents between Conrad and his lawyers and he tells her he can but it might raise suspicion. Emily uses the fire as a way to get the documents into the hands of the District Attorney and tells Mason to stay out of site until everything clears. Margaux and Louise are drowning themselves in wine at Victoria’s place but Louise doesn’t believe that Victoria really killed herself. Louise goes to get more wine when she notices blood on the wall and the locks on the door broken. They believe someone forced their way inside and go to call the police.

revenge 421 aftermath emily vancamp
Louise confronts Emily at the health club accusing her of killing Victoria but she calls her crazy. Emily gets called into the police station and finds out that Victoria’s death is now a homicide. She asks David if he has anything he needs to tell her but he insures her that he doesn’t but his alibi isn’t a strong one. Ben questions her and she tells him that he already knows and tells him that Mason was at the airport and can corroborate her story. She goes to call him but his phone is disconnected so he asks for her keys to dust her car for fingerprints. She gives it to him and as she’s leaving she runs into Jack.

She tells him that she had nothing to do with it and he tells her that he was glad she wasn’t home during the fire. She asks him why he didn’t say goodbye but he gets called in. She asks him to come by the beach house later but he quickly turns her down telling her that as soon as he’s done he’s on a flight back to LA. As Jack leaves Emily overhears two detectives discussing David’s alibi that he was at a doctor’s appointment. At the health club Tony tells Nolan that he can’t go on a vacation because his adoption went through and he’s getting a baby in two days. He then tells Nolan that he’ll have to break things off and Nolan tries to tell him that they can make things work but Tony tells him that his attention needs to be on his son.

During his questioning Ben asks Jack if he helped Emily kill Victoria. He then tells him that Emily assured him that she had nothing to do with it and asks him if him working on this case is a conflict of interest since he’s her boyfriend. Ben tells him that she broke things off and went to the airport after him.

Emily waits outside the hospital for David to come out and confronts him about not telling her what was going on with him. He tells her that he didn’t want to spoil her happiness and tells her what’s going on with him. She tells him that he has her and they plan to have a movie night. Meanwhile, Margaux tells Louise about her plans to make things right by printing the story Victoria wanted her to write about her case against Emily.

Mason calls Emily and tells her that he’s finally cleared. She tells him that she needs him to resurrect himself because he’s her alibi. He then reveals that he was working with Victoria and sends her a video of Victoria confessing the entire thing but it automatically deletes just as the police arrive and arrest her for murdering Victoria.

Some takeaways…

– I honestly don’t have much to say about this episode. We all kind figures that Victoria was setting Emily up and I realized when Emily tried to call Mason and it was disconnected that he was in on it. It’s kind of f-d up because Emily actually helped Mason from the jump. She got him out of jail, set him up with a new identity and then cleared his name in the murder he was accused of.

– I feel like this is the time for Emily’s crew to step up and get her out of jail. They’ve been doing this for how long now? Victoria, Mason and Margaux (I suspect she knows something) are not that smart so they let something slip.

Do you think Emily will get out of this one? Let me know your thoughts and theories in the comments!

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