SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

Another one bites the dust. This episode marked the end of a dynasty of sorts. It was a gradual build that ended with a very big bang. Check out the recap below!

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Victoria is being dragged in the media but has the support of Margaux and Louise even though they don’t really like each other. Jack has the headstone changed on Fauxmanda’s grave to her real name Emily Thorne as Emily looks on. She tells Jack that once she gets the evidence Victoria has on her she’s done for good.

Nolan and Tony are getting close and Nolan confides in him about what’s been going on lately with Emily. Tony tells him that they’re best friends and they need to really talk things out. Victoria and Louise are heading out to lunch but Victoria starts freaking out because she doesn’t see the car. She tells Louise to go get the car and after she leaves she’s attacked by a hooded person who attempts to steal her purse but then just kicks around the contents before kicking Victoria a few times and running off. Louise pulls up screaming for the police to be called and Victoria tells her Emily was the one who attacked her. Louise thinks Victoria needs to use the evidence she has against Emily but Victoria thinks that’s what Emily wants and is manipulating the situation.

Nolan returns home to find Emily checking the security system for the file and goes to leave but he wants them to actually talk. He apologizes for putting them in a vulnerable situation and tells her that he doesn’t want to lose her. Emily apologizes for not seeing he was hurting too and tells him that they’ll get through it together because they’re a team.

Stevie needs David to sign papers regarding Carl’s mother’s identity but David is being a little testy. He goes to give her the papers and tells her that during the blood test he was diagnosed with Lymphoma.

Margaux meets with Louise to try to pay her off to leave Victoria alone but Louise tells her what happened with Victoria. Margaux gets pissed and makes arrangements to meet with a FBI agent. Nolan calls Emily and tells her that Victoria and Margaux about to use the evidence and the feds are on their way to her hotel now. Nolan gives her a scanner that will help her locate the drive and Emily goes to retrieve herself telling him that he needs to focus on what’s next.

Margaux is passionately making a case for against Emily to the FBI agent when the fire alarm goes off. Victoria and Margaux tell him that it’s a setup but he refuses to let them stay so Victoria gives him the hard drive to hold onto. They escape down the stairs and Victoria starts freaking out about Emily being there and the agent goes to retrieve the hard drive but its gone. Victoria starts panicking and Margaux tells her that they’re going to find Emily. Emily returns to the beach house and tells David about getting the hard drive and being happy not to have to fight anymore battles. David was going to tell her about his cancer but decides not to.

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At the charity dinner Louise shows up making a scene and embarrasses Tony and Nolan in front of his boss in the process. Nolan pulls her aside and Louise tells him that she knows he helped Emily steal the hard drive but he denies it. He then tells her that she chose the wrong side and he reset her phone while she was trying to secretly record their conversation. Victoria pays off a guy to find and deliver her her chair from Grayson manor that was sold awhile back. She tells him that she’s going to do something Emily never would do, end things for good.

Nolan finds Jack at the bar collecting his final paycheck and he tells him that he’s moving to Los Angeles with Carl to start fresh. Nolan tells him that Emily loves him but Jack doesn’t believe it and he realizes that she’s never going to stop living this life. Nolan runs to Emily to tell her Jack’s leaving and that despite everything Jack still loves her and she’s the only thing stopping her from choosing Jack. She tells him that she doesn’t deserve him and Ben overhears and thinks she means that all she deserves is him. Of course he’s pissed and tells her that she was just hiding with him, not living. Nolan tells her that she has 20 minutes to stop Jack before he leaves. As Jack is boarding the plane Emily calls but he shuts off his phone.

Margaux and Louise decide to work together to bring down Emily and Nolan since Margaux thinks Victoria seems defeated. Victoria has returned the chair to Grayson manor and turns on the gas and blows up the entire place while sitting in it.

Emily runs to catch Jack’s plane but it’s too late. A car drives up and it’s Mason who’s pissed about Emily announcing the story she promised to him. He asks her if she really thought she’d get a happily ever after and that everyone would wait around for her while she got her revenge. He then tells her that she can’t exist without revenge because the endless cycle is her addiction.

Some takeaways…

– Is it bad that I felt absolutely no sympathy for Victoria during this episode? She’s just as guilty as Emily in all of this and I don’t know why she’s all of a sudden playing the fragile victim.

– Victoria is dead and now we have to spend the final three episodes seeing how Emily gets out of this one since it’ll look like she murdered her. The plus is that it’s the final three episodes so it’ll resolve quickly.

– I still to the life of me don’t understand why Margaux is so obsessed with this– even Louise. They came in on the back end of things and act like they’ve been apart of this from the jump. Also, why do they keep forgetting that Conrad killed Paschal not Emily?

Should Emily get a happy ending? I’m definitely on the fence. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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