SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

And we’re back! I wrestled with if I should call Emily Emily or Amanda definitely not Emanda. I originally planned to call her Amanda but it was just too weird so I stuck with Ems because I know that girl. But then everyone kept calling her Amanda so I caved. But then I was like screw this, this is the home stretch. Get into the recap below!

revenge exposure 419 madeleine stowe
Team Emily or Amanda (so weird) are lying in the wake of her announcement waiting to see if Victoria or Margaux will talk. Ben shows up pissed about Emily coming forward and making a mess of everything.

Louise and Victoria find the hard drive on the beach of Nolan’s files and she gives it to Victoria who goes to someone to try to decrypt it.

Louise doesn’t want to believe that Nolan is involved but Victoria convinces her otherwise decrypting the hard drive and showing her the evidence. She’s still running around believing that Emily was the one who killed Paschal when Conrad’s the one who pushed him into the plane’s propellers.

Louise confronts Nolan about lying about knowing Emily’s true identity and he tries to apologize and talk to her about it but Louise wants to wash her hands of him.

Emily pays Tom a visit who has been trying to rally all of her past targets together to go against her. David shows up and tells Tom that if anyone comes for his daughter he will end them.

Margaux wants to focus on doing a story on Daniel while Victoria tells her that she’s building a case against Emily. Margaux wants her to let it go and tells her that she lied about Emily pushing her. She tells her that she won’t stand in her way but she won’t help her either. Nolan goes to Emily and David and tells them that Victoria might have his hard drive with files copied from his laptop. Emily goes pretty hard on Nolan telling him that he never should’ve had files to begin with and because of him they’ll all be exposed.

They ping Victoria’s location at a studio and believe she’s going to take the information to the press and Emily goes to stop her. Emily makes a deal with the reporter and tells her that she’ll do a live on-air exclusive if she agrees to never put Victoria on ever.

revenge exposure 419 madeleine stowe
Jack shows up at Nolan’s to check on him but Nolan isn’t in a good place. He believes that now that Emily is gone he’s obsolete. Jack tells him that he was and still is an important person in Emily’s life and they go to watch Emily’s interview.

During the interview Emily tells how after her father was arrested Victoria turned her sights on her and had her put away. She then tells and shows the infinity box that her father left for her from prison. She tells the truth about why she became Emily Thorne and how she deceived a lot of people and some of them lost their life. She then sort of kind of says that Victoria may have killed someone then goes on to tell that she has sympathy for her then talks to the camera and tells Victoria that if she’s watching it’s in her hands to end it.

Nolan thinks that this is Jack’s moment to go to Emily because this is the girl he grew up with. Jack doesn’t believe she feels the same way. Meanwhile, Margaux goes to Victoria and tells her it was cruel for Emily to go on air and tell lies. She wants her to not give in and wants to help her but Victoria doesn’t believe she can resurrect someone who’s already dead to the world.

Emily returns to the beach house and David tells her how proud of her he is before looking back through the infinity box. He reads some of the letter he wrote her before reminiscing on how things used to be before he was taken away. She tells him that for the first time she has no idea what’s coming next. We end with some unidentified person on an island reading the story on Emily before circling her face with a red sharpie.


Some takeaways…
– So this was a short recap, probably the shortest one every. That’s probably due to the fact that half of the show was flashbacks. Totally felt like a series finale.
– Pretty sure the mystery person is Lydia and I’m not here for it. She should’ve died but she’s still here and we have to be tortured with her for a little bit longer.
– There are only four more episodes left. Not quite sure if it’s for the season or the series but y’all already know I think it’s for the series. There’s nowhere else to go and prolonging this any further would just be blatant torture.

What do you think is going to happen in these final four episodes? Let me know in the comments!

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