SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

We got some truth on this episode of Revenge and things are sure to get interesting in the Hamptons. Check out the recap below!

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Margaux wants to focus the groundbreaking for Daniel’s wing but Victoria wants to take legal action because she believes that Emily pushed her. Margaux tells her about Lyman’s death and Victoria gets an evil glint in her eye.

Emily wants to reach out to Margaux but doesn’t know how while David has been checking on her daily. Meanwhile, Louise is back from Lyman’s funeral and tells Nolan that she wants to adopt a baby but he wants to slow things down because he’s not ready for a child. At a board meeting for Daniel’s wing Victoria learns that they don’t want to go through with the wing due to publicity surrounding it. Victoria confronts Emily and tells her that she has the blood of Daniel and her grandchild on her hands.

Nolan and Tony seem to be getting a little more close and Jack picks up on it. He asks him how Louise feels about it and he tells him that she doesn’t know and he doesn’t know how she’d react to it. At the precinct Victoria pays Ben a visit and threatens his promotion for helping Emily if he doesn’t help her look into Lyman’s death.

Emily tells her father that she needs to figure out a way to clear Daniel’s name because Margaux only reacted to their lie. She goes to Jack to see if he can recant his statement surrounding Daniel’s death so that she can clear his name. Stevie interrupts them and thinks that she’s manipulating Jack and won’t allow her to get him involved in any more of her lies. She tells Jack that there are legal ramifications for him lying and he’s only doing it because he cares about her.

Victoria pays Louise a visit to offer condolences for Lyman but she catches on to why Victoria is really there. Victoria tells her not to trust Emily and crew but Louise tells her that she and Nolan don’t have any secrets. Meanwhile Nolan is lying to Louise and covering up his relationship with Tony but Tony wants him to tell the truth. He tells him once he gets his ish together he can call him.

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Emily and Ben are having dinner with Ben’s brother Kevin when Jack shows up to tell her that he can’t help her because there will be too many holes and asks her to let it go. The next day Louise tells Nolan about Victoria’s visit and he slightly freaks out. After he leaves she sees an article about Nolan being at a beach bonfire with Tony and knows he’s lied about being at work. Emily stops by the health club to talk to Nolan about clearing Daniel’s name but he thinks she should just move on and there’s nothing he can do.

Margaux’s henchman tells her that he put a hit out on Emily and Margaux tells him that she doesn’t want her hurt but it’s already in motion. She finds out the hit woman’s identity and cancels the job. Stevie stops by to talk to David about Emily and wants him to keep her away from Jack. She thinks he needs to take responsibility for his bad choices and step up and be a father.

Nolan and Jack discuss Emily before transitioning to Louise and Nolan tells him about Louise letting her brother fall to his death. He tells him that he wants to have a family eventually just not now and with someone he pities and Louise overhears this. Nolan returns home and tells Louise that he thinks it’s time for them to end the marriage. She takes it eerily well and tells him she’ll talk to the lawyers.

Ben returns to Emily’s to find her taking out her aggression on the punching bag. He asks about what happened to Jack and he tells her she should’ve discussed it with him first. He tells her that she can’t fix it with another lie. Jack meets Emily at the groundbreaking for the research wing and agrees to help her with her plan. She asks for five minutes to speak at the podium and tells everyone in attendance, including the live media coverage, and tells them that Malcolm Black was her attacker not Daniel and he’s the one who saved her life. She then goes on to tell them that she’s not Emily Thorne but Amanda Clarke. Drops mic.

Some takeaways…

– So now that everyone knows the truth things should (hopefully) get interesting. It looks like someone is after her in next week’s episode. This could totally be Victoria or someone we don’t even know.

– I feel like that now that Emily is Amanda again we probably won’t be seeing much of Ben… or at least the end of #Bemily

– We all know Louise is bat shit crazy so I’m expecting her to do something off the wall very soon.

Are you happy that Emily is officially Amanda again? Let me know your thoughts on the episode in the comments!

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