SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

And the saga continues… It was a slow burn to an ending that I’m sure a lot of suspected would happen eventually. I’ve got all of the deets in the recap below!

revenge recap 417 loss
Emily has temporary custody over Carl while Jack is in jail. She tells David that whoever is behind trying to take Carl away from Jack will pay. Jack’s blood samples have been lost and his mother Stevie shows up to represent him thanks to Emily. At the hearing, the judge releases Jack but appoints a social worker to see how he is with Carl and if she finds him unfit she’ll take custody away. Emily confronts Margaux who decided to show up at the hearing and tells Emily that whatever happens to him is because of her.

Victoria goes to visit Margaux during her doctor’s appointment to share the plans on Daniel’s foundation. Louise is still acting like Lyman is alive but Ben and another officer show up looking to talk to her. Ben tells her her brother’s body was found on the beach. She tells him that she sent him to bed after finding him drinking and never saw him after that.

Victoria finds out that one person denied her proposal for Daniel’s wing. Emily and co. are trying to figure out who Margaux’s inside person is and watch footage from the party and see Margaux’s henchman possibly slip something into Jack’s drink. Emily goes and tracks him down and they go blow for blow until she gets the gun and asks him what he put in the drink. He gives her Jack’s blood sample instead, tossing it before making his escape. Emily turns the blood over to Ben who has to make it look like the blood was misplaced in the lab.

Margaux thinks Emily killed Lyman and tells her henchman that after he clears all ties of his call to her his job is done. The henchman pretty much tells her she’s not giving up and she will live up to her last name. Victoria pays Emily a visit because she thinks she was the one who denied her proposal for Daniel’s wing. Emily tells her she voted in favor and is holding to her truce, but she needs to tell Margaux to leave Jack and Carl alone. She tells Victoria to take care of her or she will.

revenge recap 417 loss emily vancamp
The social worker has concerns over who Jack is allowing around Carl. He pays Nolan a visit and confronts him about setting up a daycare without a license. Then he tells them that he’s pretty much going to suggest Carl be taken away. Nolan tells him that he wished his father cared about him as much as Jack cares for Carl. At the hearing Stevie tries to get the blood sample readmitted but the judge isn’t budging. After asked multiple times to sit down the judge has her arrest for contempt of court and Jack has to find a new lawyer.

David bails Stevie out of jail as a way to repay her for trying to help him in the past. They talk about their kids and she tells him that at some point Emily will need him. She tells Emily, Jack and Nolan that she thinks the judge is the one being paid off and they look into it see there’s a connection to LeMarchal publications. At the health club, Nolan delivers a bottle of to the judge but she denies it. As she’s driving away Ben pulls her over and administers a breathalyzer and it comes up as .15. Emily calls her and tells her that they laced her water the same way Jack’s drink had been. She tells her to test Jack’s blood or she’ll expose her connections to LeMarchal publications and she’ll lose everything.

Victoria asks Margaux about why she denied her proposal and she tells her that announcing her pregnancy during the wing’s announcement while Daniel’s name is still battered wouldn’t be right for her child. Margaux realizes they both want the same thing and promises to change her vote.

They get the call that the charges have been dropped and decide to celebrate but Emily wants to still go after Margaux. David tries to stop her and tells her that she can end this without having to take down Margaux. Back at the Ross residence, Louise tells Nolan what really happened to Lyman. She asks him if she should tell Ben the truth but Nolan tells her not to.

revenge recap 417 loss emily vancamp
Emily confronts Margaux and tells her that the charges against Jack have been dropped. She tells her that they need to put a stop to everything now so no one else suffers and so they can clear Daniel’s name. As a show of faith she gives Margaux her real birth certificate and tells her she can use it for good or against Emily. Margaux tells her that they only way this ends is if she tells the truth about how Daniel really died because it’s not going to go how Emily wants it to go. She turns toward the street and is hit by a taxi.

Margaux is rushed to the emergency room where Victoria is. Emily tries to explain that it was an accident but she doesn’t want to hear it. Meanwhile, the social worker, Tony, asks for Nolan at the club to apologize for misjudging him. Tony is interested in Nolan but was hesitant because of his wedding ring but Nolan tells him it’s a long story and offers to buy him a drink.

Emily goes to David to tell him that she tried to end it but it was too late before collapsing in his arms. Victoria goes in to see Margaux and she tells her that she lost the baby. Victoria asks her to tell her what happened with Emily. Margaux tells her that Emily cornered her offering peace and then she pushed her into the street.

Some takeaways…

– Margaux is the freaking worst! I’ve hated a lot of characters on tv before but she is the most unlikeable character I’ve seen in awhile. There is nothing that can redeem her, she’s just a vindictive person. Y’all already know how I feel about her arc to begin with (she should’ve died a long time ago) but this is just stressful.

– I so do not want to see the Emily versus Victoria bit again. It looks like next week Emily is going to tell the “world” the truth. I honestly don’t know where else they could go after this. I say it every week so I won’t say it this week but there has to be a really good, strong storyline for this to continue on into another season.

Is Margaux redeemable? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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