SPOILER ALERT! (stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode)

Margaux goes into phase two of take Emily down, we get lots of baby Carl and a lot of backstabbing in this week’s episode of Revenge. Check out the recap below!

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Emily confronts David at his boat about seeing Natalie since it’s been making the tabloids. David thinks he can trust her but Emily doesn’t because she believes she’s still a Grayson. Jack is there helping him and she asks him about David dating Natalie and he turns it around to her dating Ben.

Nolan and Louise are enjoying a couple’s massage when they discuss Lyman, Emily and Jack. She tells him that deep down Lyman is a good guy while Nolan tells her about how he though Emily was going to turn to Jack instead of Ben and thinks Jack is dealing with a broken heart but Louise tells him she doesn’t think that’s the case.

Margaux shows Ben proof that she’s found his ex-wife April and blackmails him into giving her Emily’s real birth certificate. Come to find out, this was all a trap by Emily and Nolan using Ben to feed Margaux false information. They have about twelve hours to get to April before Margaux does so she doesn’t send her abusive ex after her. Ben tells them that he’s going to go get her alone.

Lyman bombs in the courtroom and Victoria tells him she’s pretty much done with him. Natalie gloats and invites her to the annual Grayson 4th of July party. Margaux meets with Victoria who tells her about Natalie party and Margaux tells her that she thinks she plans to leave the Hamptons. She then tells Victoria about her plan to still take down Emily and Victoria tells her she’s not going to stop her, hinting at the fact that she’s just like her in a lot of ways.

Lyman stops by to see Louise to tell her that he’s messed up and realizes that he screwed up. Louise gives in rather easily and invites him in. Meanwhile, Victoria tells Natalie that she knows she’s leaving town but she tells her that she plans to put roots down in the Hamptons and lay those roots with David.

Ben is on his way to get April when Emily intersects him and tells him that she’s going with him. Margaux finds out that the birth certificate is fake and sends the abusive ex after April. On the drive to get April Ben reveals what happened between him and April and she reveals a little bit about how Aiden’s death effected her.

David finishes dinner with Natalie who invites him to her party and he reluctantly agrees. Once she leaves, Victoria knocks on the door warning him that Natalie is using him but he tells her that he already knows that Victoria is after Edward’s money. She tells him she’s lying to him and reveals that she brought a house in California but David is not going for anything Victoria is telling him.

Jack and Carl are having lunch with Nolan and Louise when Nolan confronts Jack about blowing off his job opportunities. Louise steps in and suggests they turn one of the rooms at the club into a daycare center to give him a little more incentive. Of course, Jack jumps on the deal. Louise drops the bomb that Lyman is going to stay with them but Nolan is like hell no. Louise has already told him yes without asking Nolan and he asks her if she even knows what it means to be in a marriage. She tells him she does and confronts him about why he keeps “losing” his wedding ring. Nolan tells her that she has a yacht Lyman can stay on because he makes him sick.

Nolan goes to the club and vents to Jack who asks him if he’s even attracted to Louise and want to be married. He tells him that she’s attractive but he’s not attractive wearing a wedding ring.Jack tells him he he needs to discuss it with Louise. David and Natalie are getting ready for the party when he finds a watch in her clutch when looking for the aspirin. At the party, Natalie tells the reporters that she sees “flashes of something in David where she sometimes doesn’t recognize him”. The reporter asks if he’s abusive and she tells her that he’s not as Victoria listens on the sideline.

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Lyman tells Louise that Nolan is right about her family not always being reliable and he can find somewhere else to stay. She tells him he can stay but he tells her not to let her old family mess up her new one.

Ben and Emily arrive at April’s job but Emily is asleep so he goes in alone. When she sees him she slaps him just as Emily walks in. April or Kim reveals that she had to change her life because of Ben. She went to him and told him about Wes and Ben called in a raid which turned up nothing and Wes went after Kim (April). Emily tells her that Wes is now coming after her and she needs to leave but she tells them that she’s not going anywhere. That night Wes shows up and thinks it’s April at the bar but it’s Emily and she and Ben tag team him before Ben cuffs him. April thanks Emily and Ben for helping her since Wes attack was his third strike meaning he’ll be in jail for life.

Back at the party, Nolan tells Jack about Emily and Ben thwarting Margaux’s plans to take them all down. Jack asks about her taking Ben with him but he tells her not to worry about it. Outside, Margaux approaches Lyman who tells her that he got the keys to Nolan’s house. We find out that he’s working with Margaux to uncover Nolan’s secrets.

Natalie pulls David into a room and rips her sleeve trying to set it up to look like he attacked her. He asks her about about having Conrad’s watch that’s enscribed “To Bonnie eternally yours Conrad”. He tells her that he had a secretary who had the same watch and she tells him that Conrad loved her and he promised everything to her. He tells that he knows she went after Edward when she knew she wouldn’t get anything from Conrad’s estate and she reveals that she got him to sign everything over to her since it was originally going to Victoria. She tells him that Conrad always wanted her to live like a Grayson and ruining David was among his greatest accomplishments and he’ll rest better knowing she finished what he started. Victoria steps in and tells her that she can sign everything over to her or she can take the recording she has of the conversation to court on Monday.

At Nolan’s house, Louise walks in on Lyman copying information from Nolan’s computer. She takes the flash drive and it turns into a tussle in the backyard before Lyman falls to his death. Jack gets pulled over for “drunk driving” thanks to Margaux who finds out about Wes arrest but tells her henchman that she should be receiving the contents of Nolan’s hard drive within the hour. Nolan returns home to find Louise alone. She tries to tell him about what she did but Nolan cuts her off and apologizes about how he’d been acting and tells her Lyman can stay. She lies and tells him

Ben and Emily are driving back to the Hamptons discussing what Margaux’s next move could possibly be. She tells him that going after his first love was brutal and he asks her who her weak spot is. She says Jack because they drive past him standing outside his car arguing with police. They take his son and Jack freaks out as they handcuff him and put him in another squad car and Ben and Emily look on.

Some takeaways…

– I think the writers have been hearing all of the discussions about Carl being MIA because he’s been in multiple scenes since we returned.

– Not going to lie, I had some issues with this episode. Don’t get me wrong, I have been a huge fan of Revenge since the beginning but this season has been a struggle. It seems like they’re trying to quickly wrap up these storylines that they introduced this season so they can put a nice bow on a series finale. Natalie’s storyline was unnecessary. I don’t know where they’re trying to go with Louise but her killing her brother could be a good thing or a very bad mess of a thing.

– A lot of people rag on Margaux and I’m the conductor of that train. I do not like Margaux. Having Victoria say that she reminds her of herself was a bit of a stretch for me. It’s just really hard for me to believe Margaux is this pressed. Her character is just so laughable and I want to explain why I feel this way because some people don’t understand the Margaux hatred. This is an example of a character who should’ve been here for a few episodes and then done. Instead, she’s still here two seasons later. This is kind of how I see Louise’s character arc going.

– I didn’t like Louise in the beginning then I was like okay whatever she’s there but she’s not really bugging me. Now I’m just like wtf. The biggest issue that I have with this season is that the character development is all over the place and that may be why this is my least favorite season.

– We still have a little bit to go before the end so there’s still time to rectify the situation. I want to find good in these episodes but it’s hard when there’s so much fluff (mess) to push through.

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