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We’re at the awkward stage where, depending on where you live, the weather is going bizerk (hello Chicago) or it’s a little schizo (hola SF). I thought this would be a good time to share my skincare routine. It’s been a little bit since I’ve focused on my routine specifically as it’s changed since moving to the West Coast.

So here’s the rundown on my skin; you could call it combination leaning more towards dry. I use the term dry sparingly because for the most part my skin remains pretty moisturized with the occasional dry spots. Now if we’re talking about the skin on my body, particularly my hands, that another story entirely. It takes awhile for me to get a good routine going because I have sensitive skin to start off with. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I got a pretty bad case of Rosacea all over my face as a child and that changed how I went about dealing with my skin over the years.

I was told at the time by a dermatologist that it was Rosacea but if I could now I would totally get another opinion. I only had that one occurrence and then my sophomore year of high school it started to reappear but I still had the cream they prescribed me and it disappeared. I say all of that to say that when I find something that works I usually stick with it. I’ll usually switch it up a little with the seasons, but overall it’s pretty solid.

Moving to another city with a different environment will definitely mess up a well laid skincare plan. Of course I had to switch up a few things. I don’t think the water is hard but that could just be my imagination since I’ve heard mixed opinions about the water in the Bay. What does my daily routine look like? I wash my face every freaking day, morning and night, with The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Cleansing Facial Wash. It says it specifically targets blemished skin, removing excess oil without over-drying skin and removing impurities, which I thankfully haven’t had problems with throughout my life but I do get those rare unexplained freak breakouts.

I follow that with my moisturizer which at the moment is The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Moisture Cream. It’s lightweight but moisturizing. If you know anything about me then you know I hate to have my face feeling like it’s suffocating which is why I rarely wear foundation unless it’s for an event or photoshoot. I believe the best thing you can do for your skin is let it breathe because once you start piling all of these different moisturizers, creams and makeup on you clog your pores and create skin issues. At night I moisturize with coconut oil or nothing at all because, like I said, I like to let my skin breathe.

About 2-3 times a week I exfoliate with Simple’s Smoothing Facial Scrub. I used to swear by St. Ives Apricot Scrub but I found that I needed something with a gentler scrub and this is totally it. While the smell is a little questionable, it does the job without leaving my skin feeling dry. Moving into spring I might switch to using Simple’s Replenishing Rich Moisturizer for two reasons. One, it’s cheaper than my current moisturizer and two I’ve used it before and had a positive result.

Once a week I like to pamper myself with a face mask. I swear by Que Bella face masks and they’re the only masks I use religiously. My favorites are Dead Sea Mud Mask and Cucumber Peel-Off Mask These masks are super affordable and you can find them at your local Target.

That’s my skincare routine in a nutshell. It’s pretty simple but it works for my skin. As I get older I do think about adding some type of either night cream or eye cream to my routine because ya know… wrinkles. elf just introduced their new skincare line so I plan to try out their Illuminating Eye Cream. And that’s my skincare routine.

Is your current skincare routine simple or complex? Let me know in the comments!