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I was sent the Vogue Air multi-purpose makeup airbrush kit to try out from The Salon Outlet. I’ve played around with other airbrush kits, but never really used one for every day use or even professional use. Read my experiences using this kit below!

The compressor arrived in a small box with instructions. The actual instructions didn’t really help me figure out how to put it together, I had to pretty much go by the pictures. It was kind of self explanatory but I was able to get it together without any incident.

Once I got it together it was time to use it. I used the kit to apply foundation and the first go around was a bit of a mess and very splotchy– I had to play around with the pressure. I also used it to apply a tinted shimmer body foundation just to play around with it and that was a fun experience. It took a little longer to get the desired effect I wanted but it’s definitely good for using if you want to do fun body applications for photo and/or video shoots.

The trick to getting an even coverage is all in where the nozzle is compared to your face and the pressure, which is adjustable. I set it to a moderate pressure so it didn’t spray the makeup out too hard. After a few rounds of practicing I got a pretty nice application.

Would I recommend this for every day use? No, but I would recommend it for special occasions if you’re just a makeup lover. I would definitely recommend it makeup artists– this is perfect for carrying around and using on your clients. It’s very lightweight and compact, so it fits in your makeup bag without taking up much space. It’s also surprisingly very easy to clean.

As far as price, it’s pretty affordable. If you’re just starting out as a makeup artist I think this would be a good start. You can get this compact airbrush kit for $59.99 from The Salon Outlet here!

*This product was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are true and relate to my actual experiences with the product..

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