Protective styling can be essential for naturals, especially if you have a kinkier texture.

I recently put Marley Twists or Havana Twists in my hair. This style uses Marley braid hair that’s connected to your hair and twisted to the ends. The result ends up being long, chunky twists that can be styled various ways.

This is my first time doing a protective style using hair other than my own. I put the twists in to mainly do updo styles and buns, while also utilizing them as a protective style while on vacation. I used about three and a half packs of hair in colors 2 and 4. Each pack was about $4.99 and I picked them up from my local beauty supply store. I parted each section and applied Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Whipped Coil Creme and a shea butter, coconut and castor oil mixture, then twisted the hair using the invisible root method. I ended with about 30 to 40 twists.

Again, this was my first time attempting to do this on my own. It was fairly easy after I got the method down. I watched videos from YouTubers Donedo05 and Jouelzy to learn the invisible root method technique. I did have some issues with twists unraveling, so I did braid the ends a tiny bit then twisted the rest. Overall I like them and I have gotten plenty of compliments on them from people of various backgrounds. I will definitely be doing this style again. I plan to keep them in for two and a half to three weeks. Check out the videos for more deets and to see the hair in motion!

I’d love to know how your Marley Twist experience was. Leave a comment below or tweet me!

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