The Curly Fro

Great for the minimalist, the curly fro can be achieved by braiding or twisting your hair the night before and fluffing in the morning after take down. The key to a perfect curly fro is focusing on creating volume near the roots to give a full and voluminous appearance.

The Rod Set

Using flexi rods, create a romantic look full of bouncy curls! Achieve perfect curls by using little manipulation. Pull the front back and add a hair accessory for a sweet touch!

The Updo

Every naturalista knows a perfect updo is achieve by rolling and tucking. Roll the back into a French inspired roll leaving the front out. Roll and tuck the front to the back or side to add a little height. Add an optional hair accessory and voila!

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  • Lovely! I’d maybe add a little headband to the first look, like red velvet perhaps?