By| Tashween Ali

Long after you leave New York City, while you wear your ‘I Heart N.Y’ T-shirt, you’ll be thinking about these mouth-watering dining spots that didn’t empty your wallet, but made you wait in line. These Zagat favorites have become so popular and a part of American culture, that every tourist (and New Yorker) must try them at least once.

53rd and 6th Halal Cart

If you’re craving Halal Cart food, you’re in luck, because you’re bound to run into a cart on any of corner of Manhattan. But there’s only one that’s famous. It’s so popular that the same guys have two carts on each side of the 53rd and 6th corner, but don’t stress; they’re both the real famous Halal Cart.  Whether you come here late night or during the day after a visit to the MOMA, you know you have found the right one when you see the long line. The crowd favorite is a combination plate of lamb and chicken, and it comes with lettuce and pita bread. A mystery white sauce, that seriously is a mystery, but makes a divine difference and a hot red sauce that puts Sriracha to shame (not an easy task) completes the dish.  Open at 5am, it’s street food that you’d be willing to pay more than $6 to eat!



53rd and 6th
New York, NY

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