By| Tashween Ali

Long after you leave New York City, while you wear your ‘I Heart N.Y’ T-shirt, you’ll be thinking about these mouth-watering dining spots that didn’t empty your wallet, but made you wait in line. These Zagat favorites have become so popular and a part of American culture, that every tourist (and New Yorker) must try them at least once.

Corner Bistro

Everyone knows about Corner Bistro, because it’s been there since the beginning of last century. It’s the classic West Village bar, with dim lights and no menu, that was mentioned on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother.  A burger for $6.75 or less and cheap beer including the crowd favorite, McSorley’s on tap; CB doesn’t bother with fancy additions like truffles on your burger or fusion concoctions to make delicious food. It’s all about the meat. If you are looking for a juicy, ½ pound of perfectly medium rare meat, get your burger here.  The fries won’t impress you, (but that’s why we recommended Pomme Frites!). Open till 4am and cash only.



West Village
331 W 4th St
New York, NY 10014

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