By| Tashween Ali

Long after you leave New York City, while you wear your ‘I Heart N.Y’ T-shirt, you’ll be thinking about these mouth-watering dining spots that didn’t empty your wallet, but made you wait in line. These Zagat favorites have become so popular and a part of American culture, that every tourist (and New Yorker) must try them at least once.

Pomme Frites 

You came to New York, but enjoy your fries European style. Pomme Frites offers authentic Belgian fries served in paper cones and a menu of condiments with more options than Baskin Robin’s 31 Flavors. A whopping 27 choice gourmet list of exotic to classic sauces range from Mango Chutney to Pesto Mayo for a dollar each and eight garnishes for free, including ketchup; but that’s boring. Open till 3a.m., the cozy closet doesn’t seat more than 10 diners, but the tables have holes in the center to place your cones. Whether you wait for a seat or take it to-go, you won’t regret having a happy meal with just fries.



East Village

123 2nd Ave

New York, NY 10003

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