By| Tashween Ali

Photo: HBO’s How to Make It in America Promo

HBO’s How to Make It in America follows two 20-something year-old childhood friends, Ben and Cam, who are living in New York City and pursuing the American Dream. The two entrepreneurs take advantage of every opportunity to catch a break in New York’s fashion scene and launch their clothing line, Crisp. As Ben says, “Can’t knock the hustle.” How takes a look into the diverse, gritty, and glamorous New York, where young people work hard to make it big. So here are 12 things you should know about the show that keeps it real.

  1. You’ll dig the theme song, “I Need a Dollar” by singer Aloe Blacc. Free download here.
  2. In episode 1.05, a top Japanese buyer orders 300 units of Ben’s old school ‘New York City Eats Its Young’ T-shirt. You can get your own T-shirt at the HBO store. Eli Morgan Gessner, owner of  Zoo York (Company) is the real-life designer.
  3. Bryan Greenberg plays the lovable Ben.  You know him from Bride Wars, but he’s also the hot guy in Prime starring opposite of Uma Thurman. Ah yes, now you remember?
  4. Victor Rasuk (Cam) is a Dominican born in Harlem, New York. He spent time growing up in many of the places filmed in How. How’s depiction of New York is legit.
  5. People like to compare How to HBO’s Entourage but the cast and crew are quick to remind its viewers that How is its own show.
  6. Rapper Kid Cudi plays Domingo, a regular member of Ben and Cam’s entourage (But remember the show is not Entourage).
  7. It’s helpful to have rich friends in high places like Kappo (Eddie Kaye Thomas).
  8. There’s always a love triangle. Ben, is it going to be ex Rachel (Lake Bell) or new girlfriend Julie (Margarita Levieva)?  At the end of season one, Rachel leaves to travel the world, but it’s not over.  It never is.
  9. With his Rasta Monsta energy drink venture and loan shark deeds, Cousin Rene (Luis Guzmán) is supposed to be gangster, but he’ll be your favorite funny man on How.
  10. Wilfredo Gomez “Javier Núñez” is a skateboarding legend on and off screen.
  11. Mark Wahlberg is an executive producer.
  12. The philosophy is “Dream Big or Go Home.”

Catch season 2 of ‘How to Make It in America’ at 10:30pm ET, Sundays on HBO.

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